About Us

Smart Nib is a simplified online library that provides vast Educational information that serves as an aid to academic research/ study. Smart nib provides an organized library ranging from academic research and handouts, literary summaries, analysis and reviews, and movie reviews. We also keep you updated with Educational info via the Educational info platform. We have proficient writers whose writing standard aims to simplify the books, give enough details, and provide summaries providing abridged yet standard texts for academic consumption.

Smart nib is not just a library but your guide in obtaining valuable knowledge.

What we offer

Literature Reviews

Some students experience difficulty analyzing literal pieces; for a better understanding of literary works and accessible analysis, Smart Nib provides students with an analysis of the different texts, ranging from prose (fiction and nonfiction), poetry, and drama.


Projects can be hectic to compile, and as such, here at Smartnib, we provide standard and complete research materials for different topics and different fields of study.

GST( General Studies) Summary

Summaries for GST courses are available here in Smart nib. This provision is for only Schools in Nigeria.

Here in Smart Nib, we provide Educational Information, news, and updates!

We are not just a smart library filled with books, we provide helpful information for academics and schools in Nigeria, information on Jamb, post utme,waec, scholarship scheme, campus info, amongst others.

Academic Forum

The academic platforms serve as an umbrella accomodating an unlimited number of students has been made accessible to students of Unizik. As a solution to the bridge in communication due to a large number of students in a department, faculty, and school at large.

Various arenas for different topics are provided for effective communication between students that share a common problem or goal.  The effective and collective transmission of information concerning students is also made possible.


smart nib


Your Smart Library provides a wide range of comprehensive handouts for countless courses. Handouts are provided for students of different departments and levels.

The source of this handout is reliable, as it is gotten from NOUN e-courseware ( Open University, Nigeria). The handouts are in pdf form and can be accessed using a WPS app or Adobe Reader and other pdf related apps.

Note that the handout is strictly for educational purposes in compliance with the Noun e-courseware terms and conditions.

What makes us unique

Smart nib holds a unique stance, as we provide not just materials on literature but a wide range of courses that covers both Arts, social science, humanities, and management science, exempting practical courses like Theatre art and Medicine( due to the practical nature of the course).

We value communication and interaction here at Smart nib, and we are confident about the quality of services we offer.

We are different! We provide a varied collection of knowledge in one bag.


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