Are you interested in studying at the American University of Cairo but do not know how possible it is to study at the American University of Cairo? You could be thinking it is an impossible mission to fulfill and then think and worry no more, for the solution is here. The American University of Cairo also known as AUC is offering scholarships to students. Keep reading to know how to apply for the AUC scholarships.

The American University of Cairo is still giving you a chance to apply for the scholarship fund before the deadline. The Good News is that the application portal is still ongoing, so all you have to do is to hurry and apply before the deadline. 

Overview of the AUC scholarships. 

The AUC Scholarships Fund helps to provide merits and differences in the AUC student life by facilitating means to the AUC Scholarships program for low-income and minority students that are talented. 

Through these scholarship awards, AUC has attracted some young men and women to their university and filled them with an education that gives them the confidence to impact positively in the world.

AUC gives Scholarships based on value and need. Some of the students with special qualifications in academic and athletic talent and who have high financial support even seek these scholarships. No one is excluded when it comes to applying for scholarship funds. Both the rich and poor seek to apply for it. That is to show how valuable and needful for one to have a scholarship because you stand to gain so many things from it. 

Summary of the AUC scholarships 

Without the assistance from AUC donors, those that support and assist them in so many ways, this AUC offers could not have gotten to the extent it is right now. AUC offers more than 90 named scholarships with the help of so many individuals and corporations. Their support this have to lead AUC to recruit and also educate prominent and eligible students coming from all parts of the world. These opportunities do not exclude disabled ones. They also, on the other hand, are given the same measures when it comes to scholarships to enable them have the same learning experiences.

AUC Scholarships coverage 

AUC Scholarship is based on full scholarships, which can also mean full-ride scholarships. It covers and gives you the opportunity to have almost everything for three or four years as you’re studying at the university. 

All your fees and living costs, transportation, and books, including your feeding, will be taken care of. It will be covered by their sponsors, so you have nothing to worry about except for your studies. All you have to do is to focus on your studies and make sure you do your best.    

Even at that, there are just a few full scholarships in these countries. Finding this kind of dream scholarship is very rare. That is why when you come across it, do all you can to grab the opportunities, for, as they say, opportunities come but once. 

In this article, you will be taught how to apply and how to increase your chances of being awarded one of these miraculous scholarships. 

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Eligibility Requirements for the AUC scholarships.

To benefit from this full AUC scholarship, these are the criteria required of you:

  1. You must complete your secondary school. That is to say that you are a graduate of secondary school. You must have your secondary school certificate to show that you have graduated from secondary. 
  2. Your results should be credited, at least. You must pass all your results and have an excellent certificate. 
  3. Make sure that you submit all your documents before the deadline for submission. 

Notes; that you have a minimum academic requirement does not determine that you will be receiving the scholarship, but rather make sure you ensure that you enter what is needed in your selection process. 

How to apply for the AUC scholarships. 

  1. You will be asked to fill in a form either online or at the university, after you must have filled in your details, you then submit it online. You will receive an email with instructions on how to resume your scholarship application process.  
  2. First thing first, for applying to any scholarship, you must fill out an admission application and submit all your required documents needed either online or at the university. 
  3. For those who might have applied previously to the AUC and must have gotten an ID number, what you need to do is to request the enrollment office in order to defer your admission application to the semester specified. 

AUC Scholarships Deadlines 

For the spring 2023 semester: its deadline is October 1, 2022.

For the Fall 2022 semester: its deadline is March 1, 2023 (early admission)

Important Things to Note about the AUC scholarships

  1. Even when they have crossed the deadline, that is to say, that they have closed for the registrations of the scholarship, you can still submit your application depending on the availability of places. 
  2. You can still renew your application(s) from the fall to the spring semester of the same academic calendar year only if the applicants would like to renew it. 
  3. Make sure you submit your applications at the beginning of a new academic session. 

Maintaining your AUC scholarships

If you want to maintain your scholarship, then you must register for at least 15 credit hours per semester as a full-time student. You must also make sure to maintain the required GPA as agreed. 

AUC Scholarship webpage

First of all, you should find the webpage of the universities that offer scholarships so that you should not be mistaken. For instance, there are sites like or, plus our own Scholarships to Study Abroad page, which lists funding opportunities in different study destinations, 

Frequently Asked Questions on the AUC scholarships.

Does AUC give scholarships?

Yes, AUC do offer scholarship. They offer full-time scholarships which can cover you for the whole three to four years in the university. No matter where you are, you can participate by getting the application form online and then registering online or visiting the university. 

How Do I apply for a scholarship for AUC?

As said before, you are free to register. Visit their webpage and get the application form, and then register online. The registration is only online. Enter your details correctly and submit. When you receive an email, it then means that you can proceed with the rest of the registration. The webpages are or, plus our own Scholarships to Study Abroad page.   

What qualifications does one need to fulfill to get a scholarship

Well, AUC offers scholarships based on merit and financial need. Generally, scholarships are well reserved for students with a high level of academic standard, well talented, and must be interpersonal skillful and natural intelligence.

How can I get a scholarship? 

  1. Know where to look for it. Check the right source to give the right information. 
  2. Prepare in advance. You must be serious with your studies and must be ready to face more tasks and challenges.
  3. Work hard and keep motivated. Always put more effort into your reading and always be optimistic. 
  4. Make yourself unique from other applicants. Look different from the rest of the applicants by showing or bringing out the best in you.
  5. Always read instructions carefully to avoid errors or mistakes.  
  6. Be realistic, always be yourself and be real to yourself.  


AUC offers you the best in teaching and helps you to fulfill your dreams in life. All you ever need can be achieved at AUC, so go and get the application form to start experiencing a high level of learning.  

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