There is a growing need for scholarships to enable students to train themselves in school. For ages, money has always been the number one hindrance to people achieving their dreams. But, scholarships are now available to help with this problem.

Are you in California? Let us say Lancaster, to be precise. Are you looking for a college around that area but don’t have enough money to see you through? Then don’t delay achieving your dreams any longer. I’ve got you covered.

This highly recommended college would give you what you want and more. The best part is that some of your expenses would be covered. Yes, it offers a scholarship. This college is none other than Antelope Valley College (AVC).

About Antelope Valley College

This is a community college in Lancashire, California. It is an extension of Antelope Valley Joint Junior High School, founded in 1929. At first, it provided two years of college education to indigenes. At 110 acres and with spacing to accommodate 1500 students, it soon added more buildings to 135 acres with 40 buildings, tennis courts, parking lots, athletic fields, and a conducive atmosphere for learning. It has a good history of providing a good education for the locals.

Currently, this college provides WASC-accredited education to more than 15,000 students each semester. They offer 68 associate degree programs, 61 certificate programs, career technical programs, and several transfer programs. All of these are to prepare students for a 4-year course at a university.

The requirements to attend this college include a high school diploma or GED. If you do not have a high school certification, you could write the Certificate of Proficiency examinations. If you are under 18, you can seek admission, but you need the college’s approval.

International students are also accepted. If you are one, you will need the F-1 student visa and an official bank statement to prove you can cover the cost of the courses. If English is not your primary language, they will need TOEFL scores.

Of course, they offer financial help in the form of loans, grants, college work-study employment, and scholarships. In this article, we are going to focus more on the scholarships and everything you will need to know about them.

As a student, you have various tools and services within your reach. There is a library with up-to-date books. The Outreach provides current information and referral services about college programs. There are laboratories for reading, writing, math, and experiments.

There is also the EOP& S, which means Extended Opportunity Programs and Services. This was designed to help students who want to attend college but don’t have the money for the expenses. There’s the student lounge available for your relaxation. As a student, you are also expected to join several clubs of your choice to improve your learning and experience.

About Antelope Valley College – AVC Scholarships

 You have done well to read this far. College and university are quite expensive ventures that can put you in debt for a long period after school. Would you like to avoid that? Then you will be happy to know that you can attend Antelope Valley College and transfer to any four-year university without much spending because you are covered by the scholarship.

History of the Antelope Valley College – AVC Scholarships

Antelope Valley College scholarships are offered by the Antelope Valley College Foundation (AVC foundation). This is a non-profit foundation with a tax-exempt 501(c)3. It was established in 1991, and the scholarship is raised from gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations that support the college.

This has gone on for more than thirty years. They not only fund your higher education studies, but they also provide the important materials to make them successful. If you would also like to make contributions, then you are welcome to do so. The good news about this is that you will qualify for state and federal tax deductions and estate tax savings.

This foundation has accomplished quite a lot. They have raised more than $8 million since their establishment. More than $200 000 has been spent on scholarships each year. They have over 200 scholarships available each year, which they offer once to an individual. $15 000 has been given for faculty and staff grants. There is also plenty of important equipment bought by this foundation.

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Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for the Antelope Valley College – AVC Scholarships

There are several scholarships offered under the Antelope Valley College Foundation. To qualify for any of them, you will have to meet the following requirements that I will list below. You must note that the requirements for the scholarships can include all that I will list or some of them. To make things easier, you can click on this link. There, you will be instructed on how to conduct a keyword search to determine what type of scholarship is best for you and whether you or your school qualify for any of the scholarships listed. The general requirements are:

  • You must be enrolled at Antelope Valley College.
  • You may be new to Antelope Valley College (AVC). This includes high school students.
  • You must get yourself involved in community service.
  • You must have a good reputation with AVC.
  • Your minimum GPA should range from 2.0-3.5. This is dependent on the organization offering the scholarship.
  • You can be an AVC student by attending AVC in the fall and spring.
  • You can be an AVC student transferring to a 4-year university.
  • You can be a full-time or part-time student.
  • You must be a US veteran. This is dependent on the foundation offering the scholarship.
  • You can be a student acquiring your AA degree.
  • You can be an AVC student that has finished at least 10-12 units or more.
  • Some foundations sponsor all major fields of study, whereas some only mention the fields of study they would sponsor.
  • Some mandate is pursuing teaching, nursing, or that you must have studied Biology 201 and 202 in AVC.
  • You can be a 24-unit or more finished or continuing AVC student with a degree or degree.
  • There are other special requirements listed by the different organizations under the AVC foundation.

How To Apply for the Antelope Valley College – AVC Scholarships

Applying for an Antelope Valley College Scholarship is quite easy but requires you to be careful. Follow the steps below for a successful application.

  • Click on this link,are%20awarded%20once%20a%20year. When it opens, click on the Student Scholarship Login button to apply. You must have an AVC username and password to be able to log in.
  • When you are logged in, click on Start Application. But before you do that, ensure that the application you are filling out is for the current year you are in because you will see those from the previous years. Also, you are advised to start working on a personal statement and to connect with a teacher or community leader for a letter of recommendation.
  • Ensure your answers to the application questions are up to date and accurate before submitting, especially your email address. This is because, after submission, you won’t be able to make changes. However, you can save your progress while filling. Next time, you complete and submit it.
  • The first thing you will be asked is your enrollment status in the fall. This means your anticipated AVC graduation date.
  • While filling out the form, the options with a lock key are compulsory. This includes your student ID, your name, two current email addresses, your current address, city, state, and ZIP code, and your home phone. The only non-compulsory ones are your cell or other phone and, if you live around the school, mention your area.
  • Add the contact information of your recommender. You can provide the email address of the person at the option provided and click on “Send an email.” This is so that a reminder and instructions will be sent to the person to complete your recommendation process. After the recommendation is successful, your status changes to “Complete.” But you don’t have to wait for it to be successful before you submit it. Instead, constantly check the status after submission.
  • Read the application well because you will be advised on how to make changes when you want to.
  • Select your anticipated unit. This can be full-time (12 units), part-time (6-11 units), or transferring to a 4-year university. Note that if you mark full-time, you will be matched to a scholarship that requires you to enroll full-time.
  • Upload a pdf file of your transcript. You can get this either by logging in to your my ACV account or by scanning the hardcopy you would get from your counselor. You can use your phone to do this by using the app CanoScan. Ensure your transcript is up-to-date.
  • List any awards you have gotten. This can be an academic, community service, religious, or other organization.
  • Write your objectives in one or two sentences. This means describing your career goal.
  • Write a personal statement. Your goal here is to try to convince the issuer to choose you. Try not to repeat what is already in your application. Write this in flowing text.
  • Review your application before you submit it. This is because you won’t be able to make any changes after submission.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you after submission.

What Happens Next on the Antelope Valley College – AVC Scholarships

  • What you fill in your application determines the type of scholarship you will get. This is because you will be matched to a scholarship that suits the information you provided.
  • If you have been awarded a scholarship, you will be sent an email. You can also log in to your AVC mail to find out if you have been awarded. If you have, you will receive instructions from the AVC financial aid office.
  • You are also expected to log in to your application for further information on the disbursement of funds.
  • Fill out a transferring student form and submit it at the AVC foundation office in person or by mail ([email protected]).
  • After everything, you might be asked to make a video thanking your donor. It’s a special way of receiving thanks from you, connecting with you, and learning more about your education.


The Antelope Valley College Scholarship is an opportunity for AVC students, either from high school or from college, who would like to further their education. This scholarship is for anyone, irrespective of ethnicity or gender. Though, from a recent chart, more Hispanic students benefited. You must keep in mind that you must be enrolled at the college to be eligible for this scholarship. All thanks should go to the donors of funds to this foundation. It is through their donations that these scholarship opportunities are made available.

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