Do you need finances? Are you a high school graduate in the United States of America seeking financial aid?

Do you plan on going to college but have no funds for the compulsory expenses of college? Juggling part-time jobs with academics can be a hassle.

Are you seeking a scholarship? Have you heard of the Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship program?



The Bryan Cameron scholarship is sponsored by the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation. This foundation was established in 2015 with the mission of investing in the education of the young in society, and an intention of making a difference.

The founder, Bryan Cameron, founded the foundation in his philanthropic nature out of a feeling of gratitude for his achievement of success.

Cameron, the founder was sponsored in college by certain “investors” and, his foundation aims to provide such opportunities to young students in need of financial support in college for the achievement and maximization of their potential of these students.

The foundation offers scholarships to exceptional students to continue the circle of benevolence, thus the Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship program.

The Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for academically excellent undergraduates.

The scholarship is one with a duration of four years and it covers the awarded students’ full tuition.

To be considered for this scholarship, students have to have high engagement in extracurricular activities, possess strong leadership qualities, play an active role in community service in their various communities, and, as earlier mentioned, be academically excellent.

The Bryan Cameron scholarship sponsored by the foundation aims to provide financial assistance to students who have a desire to develop their various communities.

The foundation offers scholarships to students, allowing them to choose their course of study in the fields of education, healthcare, finances, technology, and a host of others offered by the institution.

The scholarship is fully funded and the applicants are required to enroll full-time at any accredited college or university.

The scholarship covers tuition and other educational expenses. As determined by the Internal Revenue Service at the awarded student’s chosen institution.

The recipients of the scholarship are therefore awarded an estimated amount of funds, ranging from twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) to fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) yearly.

The scholarship is usually awarded to ten (10) to fifteen (15) students annually who are lawful or permanent residents of the United States.

Like most United States scholarships, the Bryan Cameron Impact scholarship program has its own eligibility standards and criteria to be met before applicants are considered for this scholarship.

Certain criteria, such as citizenship and the attainment of certain stipulated cumulative grade point averages, are also considered in the selection of the scholarship winners.



Bryan Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships and financial support to students pursuing higher education.

The missions of the foundation involve promoting academic achievement, encouraging leadership, and improving community service.

The scholarship was established by the Bryan Education Foundation and was founded by Bryan Cameron, a philanthropist who is intent on aiding young scholars to attain higher educational excellence.

Just as he was sponsored and supported in his pursuit of college education, Bryan desires to help undergraduates who need financial aid and with these awarded students, he hopes it will bring positive change to their immediate environment.

The foundation awards scholarships annually to ten to fifteen (10–15) students with a choice of field of study to be completed in four years at any accredited university or institution.

The funds awarded are calculated by the Internal Revenue Service based on the awarded students’ choice of institution and usually range from twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) to fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).

These funds cover the student’s tuition and other academic expenses.

The scholarship is a great opportunity for students who desire to attain excellence in their academic pursuits.

These students must show strong leadership abilities, be active in community service activities in their community as well and be academically sound.

Certain criteria and standards, as seen below, have to be met to be considered for this scholarship.


As mentioned earlier, the BRYAN CAMERON IMPACT SCHOLARSHIP covers the full tuition of the awarded students in addition to their fees and the purchase of books at their various accredited universities.

Students are also awarded funds ranging from twenty thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars.


  • Applicants are expected to be legal or permanent residents of the United States.
  • He or she must be a high school graduate who aspires to enroll full-time in a four-year course at any of the accredited universities.
  • Students should possess a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.7–4.0.
  • Applicants should be active in a variety of extracurricular activities and be motivated leaders with strong principles.
  • Applicants are also required to submit two letters of recommendation.
  • They must submit transcripts that show their academic performance.


Application for this scholarship is done online and applicants are expected to fill out their applicant profile form and go through the processes of creating a username and password and logging in.

After this is done, they are to go through the application link and apply for the scholarship, complete the compulsory essays, and upload the required documents (transcripts and recommendation letters)

NOTE: Candidates who do not have recommendations at the time of application are advised to apply still.

The application is done online via and submission of certificates is done via email [email protected]


The early deadline for the application is May 19, 2023, at noon Pacific Time (PT), while the regular application deadline is September 8, 2023, also at noon Pacific Time (PT).

FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit their official website at


What is the acceptance rate for the Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship?

The maximum number of applications to be received by the foundation is three thousand (3000). This implies the acceptance of these three thousand applications for consideration. Out of these students, only a maximum of fifteen will be selected to be awarded the scholarship. although about 75–100 of these applicants are chosen as finalists to be interviewed before the selection of the final winners. As of Monday, September 4th, the number of applications received was two thousand five hundred.

What is the deadline for the application for the Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship?

For the class of 2024, the deadline for early applications is May 19, 2023, at noon Pacific Time.

The deadline for the regular application is September 8, 2024, also at noon Pacific Time.

What are the requirements of the Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship?

As earlier stipulated, the requirements for the Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship are the documents to be submitted via email. Applicants are expected to submit two recommendation letters and a transcript showing their academic records.

Other criteria, such as specific grades and residency, are also required for the application for this scholarship.


The Bran Cameron Impact Scholarship is one from which many eligible students have benefited immensely. Are you eligible for this scholarship?

With the current number of applicants, the maximum number of applicants is drawing closer. You can be one of the lucky winners if you apply today.


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