Are you a student or a parent seeking the most appropriate country for education? do you desire to attain higher education in top-ranking countries in education? education is fundamental in shaping the future of students and a nation. Having a rigid educational system is pivotal to the success and advancement of every nation. Acquiring education in the top-ranking countries in terms of educational systems gives you an edge over others in the Job market. Have you been seeking countries with the best educational system for your studies? This is the right article for you as this article explores the top twenty educational systems worldwide. Ensure you read till the end to know the lowest-ranking countries in terms of education.


When a country’s educational system is ranked along with those of other countries, there are two methods of measuring their rankings. These two methods include:

  • Global Opportunity Index: A country is deemed attractive for international education here based on its financial, institutional, economic, and regulatory factors.
  • Quality Index: This system ranks a country’s educational system by determining its quality of life, considering factors like job opportunities, physical safety, health care, economic security as well and educational factors.

This article explains the top twenty countries with the best educational systems worldwide for smooth and efficient studies for both you as a student and for your child or children as a parent.


  1. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: The United States of America provides high-quality education to its students with impressive facilities for studies. The USA has a quality index rate of 78.2 and an opportunity index rate of 69.79. The education system of the USA, in ascending order, is; elementary school, middle school, high school, and higher education. education in the United States operates a decentralized system as every state has the power to its curriculum and to set standards of education for the state. Education in the United States places much emphasis on standardized tests such as SAT and ACT. Vocational education has recently become popular in the United States. The USA also offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program which involves critical thinking, problem-solving and intercultural comprehension. Some of the top-ranked universities in the United States are; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, Stanford University and the University of Chicago.
  2. UNITED KINGDOM: The United Kingdom has the second-best educational system in the world. It is already popular for its ownership of several prestigious universities known worldwide. These institutions are known for providing quality education, the best faculty, a variety of courses, adequate facilities and a lot more. In addition, graduates with degrees from UK universities are globally accepted by employers. Schooling in the United Kingdom can therefore give you an edge in your career lives. Undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees are all included in the country’s educational system. The academic year in the United Kingdom begins in September to October, while their institutions take students in January and April. Students in the UK have the opportunity to engage in a variety of seminars, webinars, workshops and conferences to help them gain a distinct learning experience from that of the textbooks in classrooms. Some of the top universities in the UK include; the University of Oxford, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and a host of others.
  3. AUSTRALIA: This has one of the best educational systems in the world, especially in the study of the technological field. Australia has over thirty-nine (39) universities and thirty-five(35) are government-funded. Bachelor, postgraduate and doctoral degrees are also attainable in Australia. The end of February or the beginning of March marks the beginning of the academic year in Australia. The academic credit system in the country posits that undergraduate students who desire to get a degree are to complete 144 credit points, and postgraduate students are required to complete 96 credit points. Some of the top-ranked universities in Australia are; the Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, The University of New South Whales and The University of Queensland.
  4. THE NETHERLANDS: This country has its official language as Dutch but most of its universities offer courses taught in English for international students. the universities here are widely known for their research work, their low tuition fees and their English degrees. Due to this, they admit a large number of international students. Each academic year in universities here is equivalent to sixty (60) credits, as they follow the European Credit Transfer System. Thirty of these credits must be completed every semester to earn a degree. the top universities in this country are; the University of Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology, Utrecht University, Wageningen University and Research and Laiden University. As a large number of students move to this country higher education.
  5. SWEDEN: This is the fifth-ranked country with the best educational system worldwide. Education in this country is known more for its emphasis on achievements in academic excellence than in grades and their institutions are great choices for research and innovation. Sweden has more than 45 universities, mostly run by the state with over one thousand courses in English to attract international students. the educational system here is governed by the Ministry of Research and Education. Thirty credits per semester must be achieved to complete their study program. Top-ranked universities in Sweden include KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Lund University, Chalmers University of Technology, Uppsala University and Stockholm University.
  6. FRANCE: France earned its spot for having the highest enrollment rate of early childhood. French education is divided into three stages; elementary education, secondary education and higher education. most of the primary and secondary schools, as well as some of the colleges, are public institutions, having a centralized administration. Education is a basic right in France and has been made compulsory for children from the age of 6-16.
  7. DENMARK: Denmark has a literacy rate of 99% and cannot be excluded from the countries with the best educational systems in the world. The nation offers free education from primary to higher education. the government has also provided free education for persons till the age of 16. Denmark universities are also known for their quality education and globally recognized degrees.
  8. CANADA: Education in Canada is known for its low tuition fees and costs of living, as well as its cultural diversity. Consequently, a large number of students have chosen the country as a preferred one for their studies. Canadian Universities have been ranked among the top institutions of education in the world consistently by QS (QUANTUM SATIS).Some of the prominent universities of this country are the University of Toronto and Queen’s University. It also offers several degrees and short-term courses which cut across various disciplines.
  9. GERMANY: Germany is one of the best countries for higher educational studies for non-English speakers. Germany has established and stamped its name in the history of automobile inventions by being home to automobile brands like BMW, Audi and Volkswagen. Universities in Germany are known for offering intensive courses on design engineering et cetera. Scholarships for international students are also provided by the country, attracting students globally.
  10. SWITZERLAND: Switzerland offers disciplines such as Online Business Administration, Project Management, Creative Business Management, Digital Business, Design and Innovation, Fashion Management and a host of other top disciplines. Like other European Countries, Switzerland follows the European Credit System for undergraduates to complete 180 credits and graduates to complete 90-120 credits. ETH Zurich, EPFL, University of Zurich and University of Bern are top-ranked universities in Switzerland.
  11. JAPAN: Japan has one of the best educational systems worldwide. To attain an associate degree in this country, students studying at a junior college must complete 93 credits in a three-year course, while those in colleges of technology must obtain 167 credits when studying a five-year course. The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and a host of others are prestigious universities in this country.
  12. ISRAEL: Israel is prestigious in education for its academic excellence. Any course can be pursued in the country from a Bachelor’s degree to a PhD. All universities can give Bachelor’s degrees and offer master’s programs, however, only research universities offer PhD degrees. 120 credits for undergraduate programs must be earned to attain a degree.
  13. FINLAND: Finland is known for its educational excellence as one of the best educational systems in the world. The colleges here are divided into universities and universities of applied sciences. Finland also follows the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System in which scholars have to complete 10 credits every semester to attain a degree. Finland is known for its excellence in mathematics, reading and science.
  14. TAIWAN: A great many courses are offered by institutions in Taiwan. The degree courses here are taught bi-lingually or completely in English. International students are also attracted through the myriad of scholarships provided by the Government of Taiwan. Students in Taiwan universities must complete two credits per semester to obtain their degree. National Taiwan University and National Tsing Hua University are the top-ranked universities in the country.
  15. SINGAPORE: Singapore is known for its strictness to discipline as well as its amazing university faculty. The course re international-students friendly. Enrollment for a Bachelor’s degree requires the completion of 120 credits while a Bachelor’s degree with honors requires completion of 160 credits to get a degree. Singapore Management University and the National University of Singapore (NUS) are major universities in the country.
  16. SLOVENIA: Although a small country, Slovenia is one of the top twenty countries with the best educational systems. It boasts of its high-performing educational system. Each student is expected to obtain 60 credits every year to obtain a degree. top-ranked universities in Slovenia include the University of Ljubljana and the University of Maribor.
  17. SOUTH KOREA: South Korea’s efforts to improve its education system have proven to be successful as it is today one of the countries with the best educational systems globally. The country’s universities require students to complete 17-20 credits every semester to attain a degree. Seoul National University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Yonsei University are some of the major universities of South Korea.
  18. NORWAY: Norway’s educational system is also one of the best educational systems globally. This so for it provides equal opportunities for all students regardless of background. The educational system of Norway also lays much emphasis on child education as child education is considered to be laying a solid foundation for future learning. The educational system provides quality education and emphasizes practical, hands-on learning. Some of the major universities in Norway include; the University of Oslo, the University of Bergen and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
  19. BELGIUM: Although Belgium’s educational system is excellent, it can be a bit challenging for students who speak English as not all the universities in the country offer teachings in English. Belgium also follows the European Credit Transfer System, with students completing 60 credits per semester to attain a degree KU Leuven, Ghent University and Universite Catholoque de Louvain (UCLouvain) are some of the top-ranked universities of Belgium.
  20. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: When exploring the educational systems of the world, that of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) cannot be excluded. UAE institutions are known for their intake of international students. there are several educational programs such as Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, Doctorate, Associate degrees and Vocational courses. 120 credits must be completed by students seeking undergraduate degrees in UAE and 38-48 credits should be completed for students studying a graduate program. Some of the top-ranked universities in the UAE are Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates University, and the American University of Sharjah.

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What are the different educational systems worldwide?

There are a vast number of educational systems worldwide, some of which include: The Finnish educational system, the Japanese educational system, the International Baccalaureate (IB), the German Education System, the American Education system and a host of others.

This article has explored many other educational systems worldwide. Check it out now.

How can the quality of education be improved?

Two effective ways of improving the quality of education are the employment of Hands-on activities and Project-based learning.

which is the largest education system in the world?

China’s education system is the largest globally. The country has the largest higher education system worldwide. About two hundred and forty (240) million persons have received higher education in China.


Knowing the best and worst educational systems worldwide is essential if you desire to study internationally or in your country. Having the above knowledge will aid you in making the appropriate choice for your education or your child’s. To learn more visit


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