Are you a student with poor eyesight or eyesight issues? Do you use glasses? Seeing clearly without glasses is nearly impossible and the stress that comes with wearing glasses can be cumbersome at times.

People bully you and make you feel inferior all because you wear glasses; most often, you’re termed a “nerd.”

It’s time to feel special for there are scholarships created just for people who use glasses!

Yes, scholarships are created just for you!

Here are ten scholarships created for people with glasses.



1. The Fred Scheigert Scholarship Program

This scholarship is awarded annually to three students with eyesight problems.

The winners of the scholarships are usually determined by the finalists after taking part in a telephone interview with members of the committee.

The chosen students are usually awarded grants of three thousand dollars ($3,000).

The winners of this scholarship are expected to submit the official transcripts of their school, a financial bill from their school and proof of their enrollment. Students who wish to apply for the scholarship must:

  • Be enrolled full-time as a trade or college student.
  • Possess a cumulative grade point of 3.2 on a scale of 4.0.
  • Must have vision or eyesight problems.
  • Possess an acceptance letter from his or her college or institution or the date they will be notified of their status of admission to the school.
  • The Online CVLVI Eye Report Form must be submitted by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist if the applicants meet the criteria for low vision.
  • Provide an official transcript of his or her school.
  • Submit two recommendation letters from internship coordinators, a professor, or an adviser.
  • Applicants are expected to apply for this scholarship before the deadline of March 29, 2023, via

2. Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship

This scholarship is for students who wear glasses as a result of eyesight problems. Over time, the scholarship has helped over six million students scale through colleges without the issue of finances.

Students who get the scholarship are awarded the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000).

There is no GPA requirement for this scholarship and there is no need to write an essay either.

The deadline for the application for the 2023 Cappex Easy Money Scholarship is June 30, 2023. Students who wish to apply can do so via

3. National Federation of the Blind Scholarship

The NBF awards one hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($120,000) to students who are blind annually.

The finalists are announced in the spring of the year and are expected to be present at the national convention of the Federation in July to determine their status as either winners of the scholarship or not.

The scholarship is given to students who are enrolled full-time in college. An essay is required for this scholarship.

Applicants are expected to be students residing in the United States, either in the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico.

They are expected to possess a copy of transcripts of either a post-secondary or high school If he or she has spent less than a year in college, he or she is expected to show at least a letter of recommendation

He or she must have had an interview with the affiliate president or designee of NFB’s applicant; and lastly, students who desire to apply for the scholarship must legally be blind in both eyes.

The funds range from three thousand dollars ($3,000) to twelve thousand dollars ($12,000).

For more information on the application, do visit:

4. The American Foundation for the Blind and the American Council of the Blind Scholarship

Both foundations have teamed up to offer scholarships to graduate and undergraduate students who have been considered to be legally blind.

The American Council of the Blind’s Scholarship Program was established in 1982.

The scholarship ranges from two thousand dollars ($2,000) to seven thousand, five hundred dollars ($7,500) and covers the student’s tuition, fees, the student’s board and room, as well as other incurred costs related to adaptive technology.

Students who wish to apply for this scholarship must have a minimum cumulative grade point of 3.0.

Applicants must be enrolled full-time as well as partake in service of the school or local community.

Students who desire this scholarship can apply at  as applications close on February 14.

5. Anne Lowe Scholarship

The scholarship for people with glasses has been in existence since 1899 and was created for students who are completely blind or are considered to be legally blind, as well as students with eyeglasses, given to them by the Record Service for the Blind.

The scholarship is usually given to students in college with visual impairments. These students have to be residents of the United States.

And provide medical proof of their visual situation. The scholarship provides funds of one thousand dollars ($1,000) to students.

This award is not renewable and can only be gotten once.

For more information and an application, please visit


6. Barbara Jackman Zuckert Scholarship for Blind Students

This scholarship is presented annually to assist students who have eyesight issues as well as students who are blind and are currently enrolled part-time as students in one of the university’s degree programs.

The scholarship was established in 1985 to support students who are seeking to attain higher educational excellence at George Washington University.

The scholarship is available to eligible students in any discipline of study and it covers one year of academic activities.

Re-application for this scholarship is possible, as it is done annually.

The award also covers tuition, books, transportation, an adaptive environment and other needs related to disability.

The scholarship awards funds of one thousand, five hundred dollars ($1,500) annually to students who are visually impaired.

The number of students to be awarded varies annually. Students who wish to apply for this scholarship can do so via: http://disabilitysupport.gwu.egu

7. Visine Students with Vision Scholarship

This scholarship is one of the best for students who use glasses. The scholarship is usually awarded to students who are high school graduates or students who are enrolled in college.

The scholarship awards funds of five thousand dollars ($5,000) to eligible students who have met the necessary criteria.

These students must have the determination and zeal to attain educational excellence in college.

Students who wish to apply for the scholarship must partake in the community service of their various communities; they must be able to demonstrate financial need, possess a minimum GPA of 2.8 and submit an essay or video on their vision.

For more information as well as application, visit their website

8. Replace my Contacts Academic Scholarship

The scholarship provides funds of one thousand dollars ($1,000) to students who are high school seniors, college freshmen, or students in their junior or sophomore years in high school, enrolled full-time in an institution or high school in the United States.

Applicants are expected to take a survey as well as write an essay of 400–600 words on one of the following topics:

  • Why is eye contact so important when interacting with others?
  • Imagine you had the ability to see for the first time. Describe your first day with sight.
  • In What Ways Do Contact Lenses Improve Overall Quality of Life?

This scholarship is strictly for people with glasses. Applicants are expected to Students can submit documents such as the Replace My Contacts document, their identification number, and the address of the institution’s Financial Aid Office.

Their application and supporting documents are to be submitted via and the Scholarship Department, Replace My Contacts, is at 4119 Mauch Chunk Rd. Coplay, PA 18037. Applications are to be done before April 15.

9. Dr. Samuel Genensky Memorial Magnification Award Program

The scholarship was created to aid students with glasses to see clearly and better.

As the name implies, the scholarship offers magnifying glasses that have proven to aid in the provision of clearer and more vivid vision.

This scholarship program is sponsored by the Council of Citizens with Low Vision. The scholarship awards three to five (3-5) students with low-vision magnifying glasses annually.

Previously, other sorts of gifts have been presented alongside magnifying glasses. Students are expected to apply via: The application ends May 15, 2023.

10. Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship

Just like the others, this scholarship is for students with impaired vision or who are blind. The NFB is also responsible for this scholarship.

This scholarship is currently one of the largest scholarships for students who see better with the aid of glasses and is worth more than ten thousand United States dollars.

The scholarship was created to encourage the teachings of a former leader of the National Federation of the Blind, Dr. Kenneth Jernigan.

For applications and other information, please click the link below:


There are so many scholarships created for people with impaired vision as well as people who are blind.

The scholarship has the sole aim of providing these special people with a better opportunity to survive in society.

Are you a student who uses glasses? Are you a student with impaired vision? Are you a student who is blind?

There are opportunities for scholarships provided for special students with glasses, impaired vision, or blind students. Why not seize one of these myriad opportunities?


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