The Spider-Man film, Homecoming, was released in the summer of 2017. It is a reboot of the Spider-Man film series, but it also tells an original story that is set in the MCU. One day while Peter Parker is trying to save New York City from a villain, he discovers his true identity and starts to use his powers as Spider-Man. The film also stars a host of other familiar faces like Tony Stark, Ned Leeds, and Liz Allen. This blog will discuss the pros and cons of the movie.

A Review of the Spider-Man Homecoming Movie

This is the second film with Tom Holland as Spider-Man, this time in his current form (after ” Captain America: Civil War”). The superhero, as well as his high-school student alter-ego (or could it be the reverse? It’s another question I’m going to be uncertain about) Peter Parker, is shown as their most awkward teenager. 

The sequence of events of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” follows directly after Spider-Man participates in a fight between superheroes in the 2016 film “Civil War.” But the film’s storyline begins eight years before that event, which took place after the events of Loki dispersing his Chitauri that destroyed a lot of NYC as well as the Avengers, the sleek headquarters of 2012 ” The Avengers.” 

In the aftermath of the destruction of the Avengers headquarters, Michael Keaton’s tireless salvage worker Adrian Toomes is showing a colleague a sketch of the Avengers written by Toomes, his own child of ten years old. Anyone who is familiar with counterfeit Chekhov quotes will know this is the mantelpiece’s gun during Act One that is obliged to fire during Act Three, and by Odin and the other characters, it goes. However, it’s a long way to go from Act One to Act Three. 

Then Toomes and his team are removed from the site by a suspicious Tyne Daly, and it is disclosed the fact that Tony Stark is ostensibly self-dealing as the head of a government clean-up crew to clean up the mess created by superheroes. To give credit to the six screenwriters on this movie, oodles of somewhat convoluted plot detail are relatively clear even if you’re not super-paying attention.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” sees Peter Parker being shunted aside by his adult instructors Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr.) along with Happy Hogan ( Jon Favreau) to face the more mundane issues of high school by himself. This includes Parker’s unruly Best Friend Ned ( Jacob Batalon) who is eager to know more concerning Peter’s “internship” at Stark Enterprises and Peter’s High School Academic Decathlon (College Bowl for high schoolers that is) with a Captain Liz ( Laura Harrier) Peter has a significant attraction to and Peter’s guardian Aunt May ( Marisa Tomei) who Peter must conceal his petty crime-fighting skills to protect himself as Spider-Man, and protect from the possible lust of the local manager of a sandwich shop.

The current Peter Parker version of Peter Parker is less cocky than his previous incarnations in recent times. The actor is also quite wry often. He is also quite tetchy. Peter Parker I grew up with, was extremely tetchy and didn’t sit over like a shrew whenever needed to get out of a social setting to confront criminals. While Holland is hunched over with genuineness and ability, I must admit that I’m not impressed by this reimagining of the teenage superhero’s alter-ego (I am not sure I got it this time). Peter Parker as a nerd, I’m ok with that; Peter Parker as a dork but not so much.

The problem is that after the film gets the ducks all in the water (and after offering Queens-set crime-fighting scenes which highlight the worst visual effects in the film that look like games on video for much of its runtime), It does deliver some truly effective action/suspense sets that include one in the Washington Monument that worked me to tears. The subsequent disaster on the Staten Island Ferry is less successful, but it leads to the film’s most successful storyline twist.

The nifty Spidey suit Stark provided Parker has been taken as is the fact that “Spider-Man: Homecoming” has to reach its thrilling conclusion by putting the hero wearing a basic costume. Is this the reverse from “fan-serving,” or is it “fan-serving” itself, presented as a cleverly twisted shape? I’m not able to say. I can tell you that the film’s adaptation of the first “Spider-Man” comic’s most visually stunning scenes, which was from the year 1966’s Issue 33, “The Final Chapter!” It’s not quite as great as the comic book, actually. However, I recommend the director Jon Watts and the other seventy thousand crafters working on this film merit trying.

I can’t stress enough how these were my personal opinions, and I know they may differ from those of the millions of people planning to see this film and have a blast with it. The film is designed to deliver bright, vibrant thrills and a tad bit of entertainment. As someone who’s experienced in noticing these kinds of things, I could think, “This movie really wastes the talents of Hanibal Buress and Martin Starr.” However, an uninvolved person might be able to see these stars and think, “Oh yeah, those guys are funny.” Marvel movies do not focus on changing your bodily fluids. The film is a superior instance of the mammal species. Keep an eye on it while in good health.

Pros and Cons of the Movie

It is hard to give a definite opinion on the film since it is a reboot. But in general, there are some positive and negative elements of the movie.

The Pros

The first pro is that even though the film isn’t as good as some of its predecessors, it still manages to be a really enjoyable movie. The action scenes are well-choreographed, and there are genuine laughs throughout the movie. Spider-Man Homecoming also has a positive message about being yourself and standing up for what you believe in.

The positive elements of the film include that it is an original story with characters we already know and love from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It also features Tony Stark in a more traditional role as compared to his role in other films, like Iron Man 3.

The Cons

On the flip side, there are some negative aspects of the film. One of them is that Peter Parker does not have any other abilities besides super strength and spider-sense. This makes for a long time where he is just swinging around New York City fighting crime. There was also no mention of Aunt May or Uncle Ben, which seems odd given their importance to Spider-Man’s origin story.

Sadly, like most MCU films, Spider-Man Homecoming falls short in some areas because it’s just too convenient for the protagonist to complete his journey. Not only does he get all of his powers almost immediately after getting bitten by a spider, but he also gets help from Tony Stark in order to solve his problems. Additionally, there are some questions left unanswered by the end of this film that might have been better addressed in other movies in this series. There’s also a lack of character development in Spider-Man Homecoming, which could have helped add more depth to this movie.

Suggestions for Future Films in this Series.

There are a number of opportunities for Spider-Man films to improve with future installments. For example, the film could have addressed more of the conflict between Peter and Tony Stark. This would have made it clear that their relationship is not as simple as it seems. It would also have revealed more about Peter’s family and his true identity, which would have increased the stakes of future movies in this series.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was a success at the box office and received positive reviews from critics, but there are still some aspects of this movie that need improvement. The film is still relatively new, so it’s likely we’ll see some changes to it in later sequels. In fact, Marvel Studios hasn’t ruled out a sequel yet!

Overall, Homecoming was entertaining and well done, but there were some flaws that should be improved upon in future films. With Oscar Isaac and Michael Keaton joining the cast next year in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 and 3 respectively, fans can expect these issues to be addressed sooner rather than later.

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