Are you a newly admitted student? Are you a student waiting for admission? Are you a currently enrolled student? It does not matter your level of study; all students face time-management issues.

You are often so busy with work, chores, and lectures that you don’t have enough time to study. Have you been looking for ways to effectively make use of your time?

This article will give you all you need on twenty (20) best and most efficient time management tips for students just like you to adopt in the year 2024.



One thing common to many students, irrespective of field of study or level, is DUE DATES!!! It is no news that, as a student, there is always this constant struggle to keep up with the due dates for assignments and time for adequate preparation for quizzes and examinations.

Often, we submit our assignments late and don’t cover enough pages before the day of our quizzes and exams.

Say no to these, as I will guide you through the best, most efficient, and stress-free ways to manage your time effectively as a student and still keep up with your schedule.

Below are the top twenty (20) time management tips for students to adopt for the 2024 academic session.

1. Analyzing your timeline: for change to be made, present reflection is needed. Here, students are expected to pen down how they have made use of their time before deciding to make a positive change.

This tip advises students to write down how they have been utilizing their time. By doing so, the written-down time usage exposes the excesses and brings to light the places in which the implementation of changes is to be done.

Here, students are to take note of the extra time they take in doing both important and unnecessary things, decide when time can be saved, and pen down their observations.

They are then to decide when time can be saved and where efforts need to be made to be efficient with tasks.

Proper analysis of students’ time schedules aids students in identifying their shortcomings.

2. Create an efficient schedule: this is very necessary for students who are enrolled full-time in any institution or college.

Creating a schedule should begin with drawing up a calendar. This calendar should be created based on the student’s individual needs and should be divided into days and hours.

This division makes it easier for students to craft out a plan for every hour of the day, providing a means to achieve utilization of the hours.

The hours should comprise the daily activities of the student, such as attending lectures, house chores, and any other important tasks, as well as time allocated to personal studies.

This plan should be frequently updated as the days go by. This schedule helps students to be more focused. Students are advised to create a schedule they can work with.

3. Another efficient time management tip for students to adopt in 2024 is setting important goals for their study time: Goals in your studies act as motivation to do school work.

Students are to focus on the important things to be done to achieve their academic goals.

Students are to concentrate on their constant progress while developing better habits so that their academic goals are achieved.

For example, students who need to prepare for quizzes in a week can focus on studying a topic or a fraction of a topic at a time.

If he or she keeps up with this, they can finish up the necessary topics to be covered before the due date.

4. Dividing large goals into smaller, easy-to-do tasks: oftentimes, this makes students feel lax about doing tasks due to the size of the work to be covered.

Segregating this work into smaller units that can be covered within a shorter range of time will aid students in preventing procrastination and in being focused on their academic work.

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5. Working with your schedule: this is one of the best time management tips for students in 2024 as it ensures efficiency.

After the study schedule has been made and the days and hours of study have been decided, students are to stick to and work with the schedule created.

Building routines and making these routines a habit is an efficient way to work with your already-made schedule as a student. Students here are advised to use the time for study.

6. Removal of distractions: distractions are eminent in every study process and should be done away with during this process as they negatively affect the study process.

The basic distractions students face are usually from their cell phones or other screen devices, such as the television.

To efficiently use their study time, students are advised to turn off their cell phones or disable notifications on them to not get calls or texts.

They are also advised to close the door to their study place and, if possible, hang a sign that reads “Do not disturb.” They are also advised to turn off other distracting gadgets, such as the television.

Finally, distracting habits such as frequent use of social media should be tackled.

7. The Pomodoro technique is highly recommended for effective time management: This technique posits that tasks can be done in short bursts rather than over a long period.

For example, an hour of study can be broken into twenty-five minutes of study and five minutes of breaks.

This has proven to be very effective. It can be used for the daily hours of study of students.

8. Students who desire to effectively manage their time must do away with procrastination: To meet deadlines, students have to get things done on time.

Effective management of time and constantly completing academic tasks before the deadlines can aid in reducing students’ stress levels.

Discipline and building routines and habits are necessary for detaching from procrastination.

Students are advised to avoid multitasking; multitasking slits the concentration and focus of students and should be avoided.

To effectively manage their time, students should focus on work to ensure its completion, as multitasking can breed unfinished tasks.

9. Creating a space for studying is also necessary to the study process: this place is to be conducive to studies and should be free from all distractions.

Relaxation items such as stress balls, house plants, and fidget spinners can be found in this space. Students are to create this space according to their taste in design.

10. Once struggle in studies sets in, switch tasks: Students are advised to change tasks if they do not enjoy the task they are doing, as forcing themselves to do this unsatisfactory task may lead to poor performance.

However, if there is a lack of time, students are advised to take short breaks.

11. Preparation before studying is an important time management tip for students to adopt in 2024: All study materials required for the study should be made available, as well as the objectives for the study drawn out before the study commences.

12. Find a study time you can cope with: Some students find it more efficient to read at night while others find it cumbersome and prefer the brightness of the day. Students are expected to create their study time at a time that works best for them.

13. Using tools and apps can help students manage their time: To be focused during the study process, students are advised to set a timer as well as make use of tools like Wordtune, Evernote, and Todoist for research and proper organization of academic works. Students can download other time-management apps to aid their study process.

14. To be mentally relaxed, students are advised to take time off: students should use their leisure time to relax and do things they enjoy, such as seeing their favorite shows, going for walks, engaging in their hobbies, and other activities that will aid their relaxation.

15. Reviewing daily achievements: can aid students in keeping track of their progress. It is one of the best time management tips for students as it aids them in planning their day more effectively.

16. Deadtime, which is considered not useful many a time can be useful: Times such as when traveling, taking a walk, eating, or driving can be made use of by listening to audiobooks, lecture recordings, or any educational item.

17. Students who have difficulty getting back to unfinished work are advised to finish their tasks in one sitting: This is very effective in time management as it ensures their focus until the end of the study exercise.

18. Creation of deadlines: Deadlines instill a sense of urgency to do tasks. Students are advised to create their own deadlines for chores and academic tasks.

Although this is effective, it may increase the stress level of some students. Hence, they are advised to start early to work on the task or chore to meet the deadline.

19. One of the best time management tips for students to adopt in 2024 is getting a good night’s sleep as it has proven to be highly effective: Lack of sleep will affect the academic performances of students negatively.

Before studies can prove to be effective, students have to get enough rest to be active during the study process.

Lack of sleep can be caused by using social media minutes before sleep, taking caffeine or alcohol before sleep, watching television and playing video games before sleeping.

A good bedtime routine should be cultivated for efficient rest and effective study.


what is the best time to study?

Scientists have stated that the best time to study is between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM and also between 4:00 PM and 10:00 pm.

What are some good study habits?

Habits such as taking breaks, rewarding yourself, taking practice tests, and studying with groups, make studies fun for students.

What are the three P’s of time management?

Students can manage their time efficiently using the three P’s- planning prioritizing and performing.


Due to the prominent issue of time management among students, we have provided solutions to this issue by outlining the best time management tips for students in the year 2024.

Every student who desires efficiency and academic success should ensure they follow the stipulated tips above.


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