Are you a student in the United States of America? Are you eighteen years of age or younger? are you a fellow who has achieved a feat in science, philosophy, technology, mathematics, literature, outside the box and engineering?


Have you been seeking financial assistance? There is light at the end of the tunnel as the Davidson Fellows Scholarship is seeking you.



The Davidson Fellows Scholarship is administered by the Davidson Institute. The scholarship was created to honour young people who have achieved significant feats in the Science, Technology, engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) categories as well as in literature, philosophy and outside the box.


This scholarship is specific to citizens or legal and permanent residents of the United States of America.

The Davidson Fellows Scholarship is acknowledged as one of the most prestigious undergraduate scholarships in the nation by Forbes.

This scholarship provides awards of ten thousand dollars ($10,000), twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) and fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).


These scholarships are awarded to gifted students who achieve a project in which they display their knowledge in any of the specific fields already mentioned.

These projects have to be on par with or greater than the level of a college graduate.


The scholarship is for high-achieving students in the fields of Engineering, Science, Technology, Mathematics, literature, and Philosophy who are out of the box and not novices in any of these fields.

  • For the field of science, the scholarship is for gifted students who are excellent in areas of computer programming, robotics or Artificial intelligence (AI);
  • students in the field of engineering, who excel specifically in mechanical and electrical engineering;
  • students in the field of Mathematica who excel in areas of calculus and geometry; students in the field of literature who excel in writing;

students who excel in the learning and study of philosophy, as well as students who excel in a specific study that is distinct from every other category of all other Fellows Scholarships.

This scholarship has no minimum age for its application. The students awarded any of the Davidson Fellows Scholarships are termed Davidson fellows and must be in attendance at the awards reception as well as other acknowledgement events that will be held in Washington DC in September.

The expenses of travel and lodging will be covered by the Davidson Institute.

For this scholarship, students who accomplish significant feats in any of the fields apply individually.

However, when two people come together to achieve one such feat, they are tagged as a team and are to apply for the scholarship as a team.

The scholarship funds will also be shared equally between them.



This scholarship is open to gifted students who are gifted intellectually. These students have to be eighteen years of age or younger and have achieved significant work in science, mathematics, engineering, music, philosophy, literature and out-of-the-box.

This scholarship is awarded by the Davidson Institute and is in three categories. Students are awarded funds of ten thousand dollars ($10,000), twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) and fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).

Awarded students are termed Davidson Fellows and are to be in attendance at the reception of the awards and other acknowledging events and activities of the scholarships, which will be held in Washington DC, in September 2023. Students are considered for this scholarship based on their projects.

These projects are to be done in their chosen specific field of study and are to be on par with those at the college level.

This scholarship is not for amateurs in these fields but rather for students who have gained and attained adequate know-how in these fields.


This scholarship awards students funds of $10,000, $25,000, and $50,000, which can be used for tuition, fees and any other significant educational expense.


Applicants for this scholarship must be 18 years old or younger.

They must be permanent or legal residents of the United States of America or be citizens of the state who reside in the state.

Teams of two students can also apply for this scholarship.

Recipients of this scholarship must attend the awards reception and other delegated events in Washington DC.

Students who desire to apply for this scholarship must, on their projects, show an exceptional application of adequate and existing knowledge.

Their projects must be works that demonstrate extraordinary accomplishments by bringing into the limelight a new idea whose impact is high.

Teams of two who desire this scholarship must also apply and attend the award reception like individual applicants. However, the scholarship funds will be shared equally between them.


The application for this scholarship will be open on November 1, 2023. Students are advised to submit the initial portion of their application as early as they can, as it will speed up the reviewing process.

For application and more information on how to apply for this scholarship, do visit


The application for this scholarship is due on February 14, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

For more information, do visit their official website,


Who is eligible for the Davidson Fellows scholarship?

Students aged 18 and below who are high-achieving in any field mentioned above. They must also be residents of the United States.

Are group or team projects eligible?

As stated earlier, students who wish to form teams and apply for this scholarship can do so, provided they are a team of not more than two people.

These two people who work on a project will apply as a team and share the funds awarded equally between them. They must also meet the criteria for individual applicants.

How to apply for the Davidson Fellows Scholarship

The application for this scholarship is not ongoing, as it will be open on November 1, 2023.

Guides on how to apply for this scholarship and further information on this scholarship can be seen on their website,


The Davidson Fellows Scholarship provides academically and exceptionally gifted students who are 18 years and below with opportunities to be awarded scholarships with a maximum of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).

As said by Forbes, it is one of the most renowned undergraduate scholarships in the United States.

It provides scholarship opportunities for intellectually vibrant student who are diligent and demonstrate their outstanding knowledge in specific fields.

It is a great opportunity many intellectually vibrant students will not want to miss out on.


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