The Fence by Lenrie Peters

There where the dim past and future mingle
their nebulous hopes and aspirations
there I lie.

There were truth and untruth struggle
in endless and bloody combat
there I lie.
There where time moves forwards and backwards
with not one moment’s pause for sighing
there I lie.

There where the body ages relentlessly
and only the feeble mind can wander back
there I lie in open-souled amazement.

There where all the opposites arrive
to plague the inner senses but do not fuse.
I hold my head, and then contrive
to stop the constant motion.
my head goes round and round,
but I have not been drinking;
I feel the buoyant waves; I stagger.

It seems the world has changed her garment.
but it is I who have not crossed the fence.

There were the need for good
and “the doing good” conflict.
there I lie.

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