Building personal relationships is central to the longevity of any business. Every business runs on personal relationships with clients, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders.

This is especially true for businesses like real estate. If you are a realtor or a part of a large real estate firm, you need to add a flair of personal touch to your marketing campaigns to generate credibility and trust amongst investors. Since the industry deals with properties, people do not want to get involved with someone they do not trust.

The direct mail postcards cater to a larger audience and do not miss out on any demographic because you can send them to anybody as long as you have their address on your mailing list. While digital marketing strategies might prove effective for other industries, it is not the most effective in real estate. This is because digital marketing misses out on many demographic groups that are wealthy and looking for investment but maybe not using digital means of communication. For example, it misses out on older people or senior citizens who rarely use the internet and only use their mobile phones for calling or texting.

If you are interested in a direct mail campaign, here are some tips for its success.


Create a good mailing list

The key to a campaign’s success is the number of people that will eventually receive the cards. You must target the right groups for effectiveness, and for that, you must build a quality mailing list. To make an effective list, you must scour through every contact in a particular geo-specific area. However, if you are fresh in the business, you can purchase lists from direct mail service providers.


Consistency matters


Consistency is essential to win over people as a realtor. You must understand that only a handful of people you send the postal cards to will require your services and respond positively. There is also a high chance that people might hesitate to contact you because they have heard about you for the first time. So, consistent direct mail postcards will help reinforce your name and brand in people’s minds and make you look authentic.

You can send out postcards bi-monthly in the first month of your campaign. Later, it is best to opt for a monthly format.


Pay attention to the branding

If you want people to know your firm, you must remain consistent with the branding. If you do not have a format, then you can choose one of the templates offered by the direct mail service provider. You can customize the template per your preferences and edit the information for your postcards. However, you must avoid changing the look of your postcard frequently as it will ruin your efforts to get recognized.


Keep track of all the postcards and responses

When you choose a reputed company for a direct mail campaign, they will provide tracking features. This way, you can track every delivery and response efficiently. A trackable and dynamic URL of the response makes it more convenient to track the campaign’s progress than manually keeping an account.


These are some of the tips to help you increase the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns.

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