The demand for art has been increasing for decades. Today, the global market for art is worth over $1.4 trillion USD and is growing at a rate of 5% per year. The reason for this high demand is because art forms can be applied in many different fields like architecture, education, science, business, and more. Most people want a career with a higher-than-average income. To make it easy to find an art course that suits your needs, we’ve compiled the top 10 art courses in Nigeria with high employment rates.

Before we get started, we would like to note that the percentage of employment should not be the sole factor to be considered when choosing the course. Your choice of course will last for a lifetime and once it is made, you might not be able to alter it in the future. Before choosing a course you should think about what you like doing and choose courses that connect to them so that once you’ve finished school, you won’t only be working to earn money but also enjoy what you’re doing. 

NOTE that you completing your study on these courses won’t be enough to guarantee you employment as there is a large number of graduates from the same course as you. You’ll need to also work on your grades.

 1. Law 

Law being the best art school is no news. Law is a pathway to success in Nigeria. Lawyers are almost equivalent to being doctors. While law has excellent benefits for employment, it is also extremely competitive. You need to be outstanding in order to get the best job. 

2. English 

In reality, it is an extremely profitable course in the field of art in Nigeria in the present. When we talk about English the only thing that students think of is teaching as the final result, but the English course opens a lot more opportunities than just teaching. A few of the positions that you can be qualified for after you’ve completed your studies in English include Digital copywriter, Editorial assistant, English as a foreign language teacher, Lexicographer, Journalist in magazines, Newspaper journalist, Primary school teacher, secondary school instructor, writer and many more. 

One of the advantages of this course is the fact that it provides you the chance to freelance and work wherever you like, and is not tied to other courses. 

3. Political Science 

The field of political science has become a popular subject among art students, and despite that, it is still extremely lucrative. Although it is competitive, if you have a fantastic outcome, you’ll be hired almost immediately. 

4. Theater art 

If you’re extremely interested in acting, you may want to think about the art of theatre. It’s among the best arts programs in the nation. But, you’ll need to be extremely enthusiastic about acting, as it involves more passion than the brain. 

5. Creative And Visual Arts, Fine and Applied Arts, Fine Arts And Design 

I’m obliged to add this lucrative job to this list. Although it is a bit obscure for most Nigerian students these courses are extremely profitable and could help you get into the right field. Due to the rapid growth in the popularity of internet-based services, there’s a greater need for designers than ever before. Every day, people are looking for logo designers for their websites and businesses and corporate designs to advertise their brand. It is easy to build a reputation by taking these classes, particularly if you enjoy freelance work. 

6. Foreign Languages 

The foreign languages, particularly Mandarin (Chinese), Spanish, German, Russian, and French can open the door to jobs for those who study them. One of the advantages of this course is that there is less competition. It is possible to work at embassies or become an individual tutor. You can also decide to become a translator freelance and work when you want. 

7. Psychology and counseling 

While not well-known In Nigeria Counseling and psychology will surely grow in the coming years, just like in other developed and developing countries in the world. A lot of people are suffering from depression in our society, and as time goes on, this percentage will rise. 

While in Nigeria the majority of people aren’t aware of counseling services, but in the next some time, they will begin to seek their help. 

8. Mass Communication

This is, without doubt, one of the most prestigious studies in the field of art at Nigerian universities. Mass communication is the process of distributing and exchanging information on a vast scale, and also to a large number of individuals quickly and efficiently.

Students who graduate from Mass Communication can pursue a job in broadcasting, journalism, and digital communication, as well as sales and management of media.

Most importantly those who earn an education in mass communication will eventually learn mass media journalistic and technology-related skills, research, and communication abilities. Those skills are useful in the event that you become working for yourself.

9. Music

Music is also among the most prestigious art courses offered by Nigerian universities. Music degrees, due to their multi-faceted and challenging nature, help develop very different abilities related to creative thinking, critical collaboration, giving presentations and multi-tasking, administrative as well as cataloging and archiving as well as conducting thorough analysis and so on. these abilities are highly sought-after by professionals in a variety of fields.

Having completed a professional art program and thanks to the wide array of skills acquired music students are able to succeed in a variety of careers, both music-related as well as non-musical related. For instance, musicians, teachers composers, academic producers, publishers, and arts administrators.

10. Linguistics

Linguistics is also among the top art courses offered in Nigerian universities. The purpose of linguistics as a course is the development of understanding of the origins of grammar, linguistics, and the history of the human language. Linguistics is a theory-based and applied discipline that is similar to anthropology, philosophy, and cognitive psychology. The most important areas of linguistics include phonology, morphology semantics, syntax, and syntax.

Being a professional art course, graduates of Linguistics have been able to enjoy various career paths, ranging from professional subjects like Speech therapy and English language teaching to general job opportunities like public relations or management.


It is no doubt that art has always been a huge part of our lives and it will be for a long time to come. Art has often been the subject of many debates and controversies but it has also been a major contributor to the development of our society and civilization.

Art is not only a livelihood but also a source of pleasure and it can serve to create a sense of community and shared experience among people who share the same passion and interests in this course of study. Not to mention, it also pays quite well and, if you get employed, you get the opportunity to work with people who share the same interest and passions as you do.

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