Even you can get thousands of dollars for your college studies. Are you a resident of Texas? Are you a first-time freshman? Are you a transfer student?

Are you a graduate? Are you seeking financial aid?

You will be pleased to know that the University of North Texas offers financial aid to undergraduate, graduate, international, and domestic students. You can also check SCHOLARSHIP FINDER CAREERONESTOP 2024



The University of North Texas offers a variety of scholarships to students at different levels of education.

The university annually awards thousands of scholarships to students who are academically excellent, as proven by their scores and grades.

Aside from academic achievements, students are also awarded scholarships based on their qualifications, like their artistic talent and their athletic ability.

Students who have a particular interest in any field of study, who have achievements in extracurricular activities, who demonstrate financial need, and who are members of certain groups also have scholarships to match their specialty.

All the scholarships offered are specific to students at the University of North Texas.

For freshmen at the institution, there are merit-based scholarships, department-sponsored scholarships, and external scholarships.

The merit-based scholarships are of two kinds: the UNT Excellence Scholarship and the National Meritorious Scholarship for National Merit Finalists.

The UNT Excellent Scholarship is awarded by the institution to first-time freshmen who have demonstrated academic excellence through their records.

This scholarship is merit-based, has six levels, and is awarded annually to students over four years of study.

First is the President’s Elite Scholarship, which awards twelve thousand dollars ($12,000) annually to eligible students for four years of academic study at the university.

The second level is the President’s Honors Scholarship, which awards ten thousand dollars ($10,000) annually.

The Dean Scholarship comes next with its award of $8,000 annually. The $6,000 per year North Texas scholarship comes next, followed by the Eagle Scholarship, which awards $4,000, and the Scrappy Scholarship, which awards $1,000 per academic year.

The level of scholarship awarded to students is determined after the evaluation of their class rank, high school transcripts, and SAT or ACT scores.

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be first-time freshmen admitted to UNT the academic year immediately after high school graduation as well as enrolling full-time in the institution with a minimum of 12 hours each fall semester and each spring semester.

For renewal of this scholarship, students are to continue their full-time enrollment while taking 12 UNT semesterly and are to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.25.

For department-sponsored scholarships, the university offers many scholarships from the college, school, or departments students decide to major in.

Scholarships are provided for the College of Business, the College of Education, the College of Engineering, the College of Information, and a host of other colleges.

It is open to continuing students and transfer students

For continuing students, the merit-based Annual Eagle Scholarship, departmental-sponsored scholarships, and external scholarships are open to them.

Transfer students can partake in the UNT Transfer Excellence Scholarship, their Honors Transfer Scholarship, departmental-sponsored scholarships, and external scholarships.

There are also opportunities for international students at the University of North Texas. The UNT Excellence Scholarships and Transfer Scholarships are open to them.

Students who have been admitted to the University of North Texas and are seeking financial assistance are to create a profile on the Eagle Scholarship Portal via www.unt.academicworks.com to be matched with a variety of scholarship opportunities that suit their responses.



The University of North Texas offers a myriad of scholarship opportunities to a wide number of students.

Scholarships are awarded to undergraduates, transfer students, and even international students.

Students who require financial assistance at the university are encouraged to create a profile via www.unt.academiaworks.com to be matched with suitable scholarships based on their replies during the creation of their profiles.

The scholarships awarded range from a thousand dollars ($1,000) to over a hundred thousand dollars, depending on the category of scholarship.

These scholarships were created to reach a vast audience, as they provide opportunities for not just academically excellent students but also students who specialize in different other fields such as being creative, partaking in extracurricular activities, possessing athletic abilities, and showing interest in a particular field of study.

The scholarships are awarded annually and are to be renewed each academic year.


These scholarships were created and are sponsored by individuals and organizations to aid students in need by providing financial assistance that can cover tuition, fees, room, board, and any other necessary educational expenses.


Students who desire any of these scholarships must be legal residents of the United States residing in North Texas.

Applicants for any of the scholarships provided are to be enrolled at the University of North Texas.

Applicants for scholarships must maintain full-time enrollment in the university as well as take the necessary 12 UNT hours per fall or spring.

Most of the renewable scholarship opportunities require 24 UNT hours and full-time enrollment per academic year.

Keep a receipt of their documents on their scholarship award agreement.

Relatives of the board members of the University of North Texas are not allowed to apply for certain scholarships provided by the university, as decided by the Texas Coordinating Board Rules for Public Institutions of Higher Education.

NOTE: Every category of scholarship has specific criteria and requirements to be considered for the scholarship they are under.

So, applicants are advised to visit their official website to peruse through their scholarship variety and the requirements for the scholarship(s) they show interest in.


Application for any of these scholarships can be done via https://www.unt.academicworks.com


The deadline for each scholarship provided in the institution can be seen at www.unt.academicwoeks.com

For more information on the scholarships provided by the University of North Texas, visit their official website www.financialaid.unt.edu


Does the University of North Texas give scholarships for international students?

The University of North Texas offers several scholarships for international students who meet their requirements.

Do check their official website  www.financialaid.unt.edu for such scholarship opportunities.

How many scholarships does UNT offer?

The University of North Texas offers thousands of scholarship awards annually to students of the institution at various levels and categories.

How do I apply for scholarships at UNT?

Applications can be done via www.unt.academicworks.com


With the vast number of scholarships provided by the University of North Texas, students in need of financial assistance have a variety of scholarship options and are encouraged to find one that suits their needs by creating a profile.

Eligible students who are in financial need are encouraged to apply for scholarships of their choice to help alleviate the financial upheaval that comes with attending college.


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