The Beautiful masterpiece THE LORD OF THE RINGS consists of lots of characters ranging from the fellowship, the Enemies and Malevolent Beings, elves, hobbits, and other creatures, which is over 750 in total, but we’ll be looking at the 10 major characters in which the plot of the work revolves around.

Major Characters in The Lord of the Rings


A hobbit of an excellent character, who is the protagonist of the work The Lord Of The Rings. A friend to the elves who also knows their language and love their songs. He loves to eat good food and enjoys his comfort, but what differentiates him from other characters is his wisdom and strength in character.

Major characters in The Lord Of The Rings

He is the ring bearer who has the ability to resist evil. He is polite, wise, observant, selfless, thoughtful, and unfailingly brave. These characteristics he is endowed with make him able to face obstacles and overcome them.
Unlike some other characters in the work( Elrond, Aragon, Gandalf, etc. ), Froddo doesn’t have any physical prowess or supernatural power, which makes him weak and in need of help at times, just like when he wasn’t able to get out of the Shire if not for the help of Farmer Maggot and then Tom Bombadil.

He portrays a Christian character, Humility which explains that the strength of character triumphs over the strength of arms. The ability for him to resist the temptation from the ring ascertain this. So he can be said to be a Christian hero.
Even though he is bestowed a great task, he doesn’t have a particular glory associated with him, unlike Aragon or Gandalf.

Gandalf the Grey

Later called Gandalf the white, he is one of the 5 great Wizards of the Middle-earth(Istari) sent by The Valar (these are the Power of Arda who shaped and ruled the world) in the third rule and second to Saruman. He is powerful beyond the imaginations of the Hobbits who think him to be just a fine firework maker. A wise elder figure filled with good personality and insight but sometimes a short-tempered man.

The quality mix of the awe-inspiring and touchingly human makes him sympathetic, differentiating him from the aloof Elves. His insight makes him support Pippins and Mary to be in fellowship with Froddo even though they lacked strength and experience, as long as they pledged their loyalty to Froddo which Elrond fails to understand.

Gandalf’s powers grow paradoxically in the work as he meets his limits from time to time. His abilities have proven to make him the strongest wizard, haven defeated Saruman or other obstacles like the Door to Moria or the bridge of Khaza-dum. He overcomes these moments with a magical spell or a feat of wizardry while in others he triumphs in a modest human way.

Gandalf retains his qualities despite the limitless power he finally possesses.


Also known as Strider. He is the son of King Arathorn ll the of Isildor, making him the heir to the throne. Just like Gandalf, he is endowed with great wisdom, knowledge, and power, topped with Humility.

The work opens in him as a Ranger at the Prancing Pony inn in Bree, then he slowly transforms into the King he is destined to be. Aragorn is much like Gandalf as he displays bravery, wisdom, and kindness, indeed he is of little fault as he sometimes displays vulnerability.

His Humility comes into full play when he decides not to reveal himself as the heir of the Isildor throne to the Hobbits so as to have a genuine friendship with them.

Saruman the white

He is the first of the order of the 5 wizards sent to the middle earth by The Valar in the Third Age. The leader of the White Council who was called Curunir in Sindarin (the language of the Sindar, those Teleri which had been left behind on the Great Journey of the Elves.) which meant “Man of Skill”.

Gandalf suspects that Saruman wished to join forces with Sauron when he ( Saruman) advised the other wizards not to challenge Sauron’s power. Gandalf’s suspicions about Saruman were affirmed when he travels to Saruman’s tower, Orthanc. His presence has always been felt in the Fellowship of the Ring even before his appearance at the Two Towers.


The antagonist of the work. He was originally Maia of Aule named Marion. Obsessed by the power to control all things according to his own will, he joined Morgoth. A servant of Morgoth, the Great Enemy, took his master’s place after the First Age. The Dark Lord Sauron was never seen at any point in the novel but was represented by images of his Great eye or the Dark Tower in which he resides. He greatly desires the One ring he created long ago, holding some of his powers in it.

His only noticed weakness is great desire for power and the ring, so he doesn’t understand those who want to destroy the ring, rather those who wish to use it.

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Loyal Sam constantly serves as a foil for all the splendor and shocking events that took place in The Lord of the Rings. Some readers may find Sam’s wisdom and extraordinary devotion to Frodo a little disturbing, but these traits allow Tolkien to retain some of the Shire’s taste with the fellowship as he moves toward the dark lands of Mordor.

Sam is more of a Hobbit than Frodo, though Sam was also very curious about the world outside the county, especially the elves. Sam is shy and a little uncomfortable in society, but he is fierce in battle, intelligent, and quick to stand up. His speeches always had a humble and extraordinary tone. Tolkien, for example, spoke through Sam when he wanted to capture the Elves’ attention instantly.

Sam also serves as a foil to Frodo’s melancholy and fatalism. As Frodo grew more and more worried about the ring’s weight, he depended more and more on Sam’s help. In fact, Sam remains pragmatic and tirelessly optimistic even at the deepest and most desperate points of his journey. While it was Frodo’s job to “wear” the ring, it was often Sam’s job to wear Frodo.

Bilbo Baggins

Frodo’s cousin and tutor, also the hero of The Hobbit. Bilbo is a witty character who enjoys a good joke or song. His thoughtfulness is only rarely marred by the repercussions of having held the ring for so long.

In the Shire, Bilbo is an object of curiosity because of his learning and wandering habits, and he is attempting to write a book about his numerous adventures.


Galadriel, the daughter of Finarfin and the younger sister of Finrod Felagund (later King of Nargothrond), Angrod, and Aegnor, was born in Valinor as a Noldor. She was an elven Lady who lived throughout the Three Ages of the Sun and observed Middle-earth. A supporter of Fanor during the Noldor Exile.

On the other hand, she stood against the Kinslaying at Alqualond and crossed the Helcarax with the rest of her party. She lived in Nargothrond and Doriath after arriving in Beleriand, the latter of which she befriended Melian. She later ruled over the woodland Elves of Lothlórien with her husband Celeborn, and they had a daughter, Celebran, who married Elrond.

Lothlórien’s Lady, probably the wisest of the Elves. Galadriel wields one of the Elven Rings of Power and can read Sauron’s thoughts with it. She, like Elrond, can come across as more of a physical, mental, and spiritual manifestation than a character.

She is known to be “The mightiest and fairest of all the Elves that survived in Middle-earth,” She revealed to Frodo Baggins that she was the carrier of Nenya during the War of the Ring, and after the war, She returned to Valinor.


Legolas was a Sinda Elf and the prince of Mirkwood’s Woodland Realm. Oropher, his grandfather, was a Sindar of Doriath, and his father, Thranduil, was the King of Mirkwood (Greenwood the Great). His most important recorded function is that of the Elven representative in the Fellowship of the Ring during the War of the Ring.

To his eight comrades, his Elven gifts of exceptional sight and hearing, lightness of foot, and excellent archery were vital assets.

Legolas was noted for his close friendship with Gimli, son of Glóin, a Dwarf. Due to long-standing grievances between Dwarves and Elves dating back to the Elder Days, such a friendship between the two races was uncommon. Furthermore, the friendship between these two seemed unlikely due to the animosity between their two families after Thranduil’s treatment of Glóin and the rest of Thorin Oakenshield’s company on a previous occasion.


A hunchbacked and miserable creature, once known as Sméagol, a boy of a hobbit-like race. Smeagol kills his friend Deagol after Deagol finds the One ring at the bottom of the Anduin River. The ring destroys Smeagol and transforms him into his current form, a creature named Gollum. Gollum kept the ring until he lost it in his caves in the Misty Mountains, where Bilbo found it.

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