Ann Iwuagwu hails from the Eastern Region. She is from Dim-Na-Nume Isu in Nwangele L.G.A of Imo State. She is a prolific novelist, educationist and public servant. She had her secondary education at Marist Comprehensive Academy, Uturu,Okigwe. She gains her Bachelor of Education (French) Degree from the University of Ibadan. She is a writer who has her primary interest in changing the world through pen.

Amongst her works are: The Beautiful Road to Sodom, The Career Woman (sequel to “The Complete Mother”), The Minister and the Mind, The Best Baby Ever Had, and Arrow of Destiny.


Ann Iwuagwu’s “Arrow of Destiny” was first published in 2011.

Like an arrow shot into the air, Cynthia moves through series of life challenges, from childhood to adulthood, from being “left alone” to enduring a tempestuous “marriage”, accepting her fate, she moves on, indeed, patience and perseverance, courage and determination and most importantly, LOVE, are the weapons required to thrive in the wilderness of life. A popular maxim says that destiny can only be delayed but can never be denied from being fulfilled. Like the proverbial baby crab that roams about seeking its own purpose in life, Cynthia navigated the coast of life, uncertain and insecure, but yet determined and fully prepared to swim against the ocean’s current and tides.

The story revolves around a lady known as Cynthia who at the beginning of the novel, is dumped by her husband under the rain at Chief Perekulu Street, New GRA Port Harcourt. She is standing by the roadside at an ungodly hour, stranded, confused, devastated and not having any way to go to but as God may have it, she is being rescued by Mr. Boma, a security agent patrolling around the street at night. She passes through so many difficulties, tortures and series of beatings in a marriage that lasted for ten years without a child but as a saying goes that “what is written by God is written and must surely come to pass” she passes through all those tribulations and comes out successful and fulfilled.


Plot is the arrangement of an events that form a story, in a sequential order.

Plots must present an event, action, or turning point that creates conflict or raises a dramatic question, leading to subsequent events that are connected to each other as a means of “answering” the dramatic question and conflict. We have beginning, middle and end plot structure.

 Ann Iwuagwu’s “Arrow of Destiny” adopts the “Middle Plot structure”.

The middle is where the bulk of the story rests. It explains the topic, gives important key details, and holds the reader’s attention (I.e. creates a lots of suspense as one action leads to another), but most importantly it is where we reach the climax or turning point of the story. If the middle is good, it will stir the reader into thinking on how the story is going to end.

Ann Iwuagwu’s Arrows of Destiny” consist of sub-headings, each has fresh chapter, which include: The lady in the rain, Cynthia, the return Journey, The Reunion, Wedding Bells, The Miracle, Treasured Possessions, The Confession, When Tragedy Comes Calling, The Revelation and The Epilogue. The work comprises of 244 pages.



The title simply implies the arrow of Destiny shot at Cynthia, wasn’t all favourable tale to tell. It coats painful experience, dejection; it needs relentless faith, perseverance and hard-work for Cynthia to surmount her unfavorable circumstances.

Cynthia, a woman of 27 years of age stands in the rain with her luggage, drenched, stranded and helpless. She takes cover under a tree, which gives her little shelter over the downpour. She is in the Perekulu street, new GRA, Port-Harcourt, going to no residence, stopping no taxi, but only consumed in her own thought.

She is a married woman, “Ten Years” of marriage without a child, and she’s thrusts out in the street, after all the torture and torments of the past ten years of her fruitless marriage.

She remains in Perekulu street with no thought of leaving the spot until sunset, yet she remains unshaken.

Heavens blessed her with an intruder, who shows concerns about her lonely stay at night fall, in already dried neighborhood at such hour. Though Cynthia isn’t concerned of seeking any help from him. Mr. Boma, a patrol military officer, who is charged with the security responsibility in the above mentioned street over infighting between two cults – “Atama cult group against Etima cult. He offers to take Cynthia back to her husband as she decloses her identity as a once married woman, driven out of her home. But Cynthia objected.

His main priority remains to get Cynthia somewhere safer to avoid being victimized as the cults operate, mostly at late hours.

Cynthia submits to his suggestion immediately shootings between the cults were heard. Mr. Boma lodges her at ” Bangkok Guest House”, for her safety.

 Earlier hour of the following day, after the cults operation, news has it that couple were shot in the same street Cynthia was.

This makes Cynthia to be thankful for her life and have more reasons to stay alive. She concludes leaving to Abuja to start all over, but after seeing Mr. Boma, to thank him.

She remains grateful to Mr. Boma, whom she called “The angel, God sent to save her” (page 15). Mr Boma being more concerned understands she’s troubled; and she’s having some tastes of fate, he persuades her to tell him her stories, of which she narrates.


Cynthia Ijeoma Enejor, is from tribe of Kogi State. She was born in November 13th 1975 to Mr. & Mrs. Humphrey Enejor. Her parent meet in Abuja 1973, and got married in 1974. After the birth of Cynthia in 1975, her mother, being a qualified nurse sought her visa to travel and practice her work in United States of America, owing to bad economic situation in Nigeria. Three years later, Mr. Humphrey joins his wife and left their daughter to her grandmother to be taken care of. Her parent, plan to come for her, once they’re settled.

Her grandmother mother gives her a better care her mother could also give to her, thereby she did not miss her absent. She’s showered with great love both from her grandmother and her two lovely uncles- Uncle Paul and Uncle Asuwe.

Soon, in her second term of Junior Secondary School, she receives the news of her mother’s death in USA. Losing her mother terminates her further arrangements that will take her to America. And again, she loses her grandmother in her first term in Senior Secondary School. Again she’s deprived of the chance of having given motherly care. She has stroke, caused by anxiety and stress over daughter’s demise.

Cynthia is being left to be taken care of by her two uncles. She found love and motherly gestures from Mrs. Serah Peters, who educates and gives parental care to her. Cynthia and her uncles establishes good relationship with Mrs Peters, and the woman’s daughter becomes her close friend. Cynthia once again, is left to be taken of by her Uncle Paul, as Uncle Asuwe travels to abroad to further his education.

Things were moving fine with them, until Uncle Paul marries her fiancée, Fatimi, who despises Cynthia and maltreats her so badly. She turns her to housemaid and does all sorts of imaginable abuse to her. But Cynthia never think of telling her Uncle. After her final Secondary School Examination and having written her jamb she is domestically abused at a point of losing her tooth. When she narrates everything to her Uncle Paul, she gets more injuries. Her uncle’s wife vows to kick her out of their house. She manipulates her husband, implanting the seed of thought that Cynthia is the cause of her childlessness. She connives with a fake prophetess to blame Cynthia for the cause of her childlessness. The fake prophetess called her a witch, who kills both her mother and her grandmother. She told Paul that as long as they keep Cynthia, they have no chance of having children, which eventually left him with no choice than sending her out on the street.

Mrs Peters takes her in and takes care of her. Two week after, her jamb result comes out. Cynthia and her close friend (Mrs. Serah’s daughter) did marvelously well. She gains admission to study Home management in University of Port-Harcourt (Uniport), but Cynthia has no one to sponsor her studies, as Peters’ family could not afford to.

Mrs. Isa, a woman she meets near a cyber-center promises her to take care of her education, if she agrees to marry her only and younger brother, Idris.

Cynthia, initially refused her proposal, but being determinant of her education pursuit, she agrees to marry Idris while they remain her sponsor. After the prayer and advice of the family that harbours her, Cynthia travels to Port-Harcourt to meet with the man she supposed to marry and resumes her lectures.

Idris takes responsibility of Cynthia’s education. He does almost everything for Cynthia.

After her year one, he proposes to her, and Cynthia didn’t really consider accepting his proposal after discovery his unhidden characters, and his far from being her dream man. Besides his hot temperament, Idris is also a flirt. He lives a wayward life, he smokes and clubs. Cynthia has no emotional attachment with him. She could not say no to him, because he’s simply her financial pillar, neither could she heartedly or happily say yes, because she’s betraying her feelings. She believes her future is tied to him. She said yes out of pity and fear of the unknown.

Idris main reason of taking Cynthia as his wife, is because he is to keep his family lineage alive, as he’s the only son, and he has studied Cynthia, and she is a wife like. Just like Cynthia has no emotional attachment with him, he has no feelings for her. He weds Cynthia in the court, because she has no family to take her dowry literally. 

Idris after some months of their marriage goes back to his nature. He cheats on Cynthia and continue his wayward life. Cynthia inability to quickly give him children change her atmosphere. Then, she’s already in her year three. Idris makes life unbearable for her as he wants nothing other than children from her. They visited hospitals and herbalist, but no good result. He begins to frustrate both her and her studies. He stops taking his responsibility to care for his wife. He compounds her problems daily, because he knows Cynthia has no one to complain to, whereas Cynthia remains strong to herself and her academic pursuit. She believes it’s the only way out for her.

Idris gets promotion from Agip Oil Company, through Cynthia’s aid. His work takes him to Italy for one-year course. He returns home every three months.

His absence gives Cynthia peace of mind. She gets through her final exam, her project and answers her Clarion call. She’s posted at “Hotel Presidential” within Port-Harcourt, because of her marital status. Idris grows wealthier, he buys cars and mansion at Perekulu street. He abuses Cynthia domestically, when she suggests to him to go for medical examination, and threatens to send her packing.

Sandra, Cynthia’s course mate advises her to cast spell on Idris, of which she objects.

After she’s been retained at Hotel Presidential, Idris denies her the opportunity to continue her work. He gives her option of working or leaving his house, which forces Cynthia to resign.

One day, Dr. Ikedi seeks for Idris for self-examination, which transpires him beating Cynthia, accusing her of conniving with Dr. Ikedi to get him checked up. He reveals to her that he has already gotten children outside their marriage and threatens to send her packing at any slight mistake.

Cynthia passes out after hearing those words. It feels like her world is crumbling.

She decides to meet native doctor through her course mate, Sandra, in other to keep her home, but she changes her mind after seeing her mother in her dream. She is against, therefore, warns her about the  decision, as the nativee doctor will end up collecting her destiny in disguise of helping her. She encourages her to be strong and be prayerful. And finally shows her beautiful future mansion, which will come to her, if she persevered. So she relents.

Idris brings Idara and their children home, and asks Cynthia to accommodate them.

She’s heavily pregnant for their third child. Cynthia is being treated like a maid in her home. She sleeps in visitor’s room, to make space for Idara. On her delivery, Idris takes her abroad. The children are left on Cynthia’s care. But, their trip is short-lived on hearing their son, Henry gets sore in his hand, upon slipping into the bathroom, and eventually puts his hand into hot water, when Cynthia is distracted by their security guard.

This accident sees Cynthia been sent out and that’s how she lands in the street.


In hotel, after narrating her ugly story to Boma, he is really touch to heart and determines to help Cynthia. He prefers Cynthia to begins her life again in Port-Harcourt, since she has no nobody in Abuja, but Cynthia mind is made up. He buys four travel bags for her to repack her clothes and gives her sum of “One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira” for her transportation and upkeep until she settles or find something doing. It’s indeed a massive gesture. She remains grateful. Boma also gives her, his phone number to call him anytime she’s stranded.

Boma, a 30year man, who is still single, but not because he is not hard working. He’s the first of his five siblings form Kalahari clan of Rivers State. He studies Sociology and Criminology in University of Ife. He joins Nigeria Army, immediately after his National Youth service. Boma seems to develop soft spot in his heart for Cynthia. He prays for her, as she leaves.

Cynthia goes back to her in-law’s house; Mrs. Isa. Mrs. Isa pretends she’s not in support of her brother’s decision in bringing in Idara. She stays with her in the meantime. Cynthia meets and narrates her story to a woman she calls mother, Mrs. Sera Peters. Cynthia finds favour in God through her.

Mrs. Serah owns a school of Catering and Fashion. She offers Cynthia a job to teach in the school, as she has the right qualification. Cynthia remains committed to her work. She works effectively in dealings both in making, decorations and representative. Her work connects her to meeting many dignitaries, like Mrs. Franca Edwin, wife of the Chairman of the People’s Cooperative Party(PCP). Cynthia makes her daughter’s wedding a memorable one, and hence, she develops good relationship with her.

One year after, Cynthia receives divorced letter from Idris, of which she signs. She gets no settlement from Idris as court directs, but Cynthia is not even interested. Mrs. Isa remains astonish and begs for her forgiveness for supporting her brother’s decision. Cynthia after same one year of living with her, she gets her own apartment.

She gets appointment as Mrs. Franca’s “Personal Assistant”, as the woman becomes the Minister for Internal Affairs in Federal Republic of Nigeria.

One day, on unavailability of her madam, Cynthia represents her in a meeting that takes her to Port-Harcourt. Coincidentally she meets with Mr. Boma, who represents his boss, “Major General Obinna”. They meet up after the meeting, regarding State security discussion.

When Mr. Boma asks about her marital status and whether she has any man in her life, Cynthia discards any idea of remarrying after years of fruitless marriage. She plans on adopting a girl child to keep her company. And when she returns the same question to Mr. Boma, he tells her that he intends having family in his next birthday, which is 23rd of December. He promises to visit Cynthia in Abuja for her official invitation to his wedding. Cynthia remains happy for Mr. Boma, but she doesn’t know that the man is in love with her, and he’s quest of confessing his love and proposing her is in his mind. He believes that Cynthia is the sure woman for him, and he truly want to propose her come his next birthday. Cynthia, on the other hand seems happy for Mr. Boma. Sure she has feelings for him. She wishes to be his bride, because he possesses the quality of her dream man, but she believes she can’t keep him happy.

On coming to Cynthia, in Abuja. Mr. Boma finally reveals her bride to be, he confesses his love to Cynthia and as well proposes her. Cynthia, however, initially rejects his proposal. She believes she’s a barren woman, and therefore, cannot give him children. Though she confesses her love to Mr. Boma, but she believes she’s not good enough for him.

Mr. Boma tells her that he’s marrying her out of love, which is his first reason. If God wills, he will give them children, if not, they will adopt. He promises to stand by her till death do them apart. Cynthia finally accepts his proposal.


The bond between Cynthia and Mr. Boma grows, and after three months of courtship, they decide to tie the knot.

First it leads to reconciliation between Cynthia and her Uncle Paul, who has been looking for her over the years. Mr. Boma believes reconciling with her uncle could bring hope alive of Cynthia seeing her father again, as her uncle might know any clue leading Cynthia to her father.

Sending her out of his house crumbles his home. His brother, Asuwe vows to break their bond if he fails to bring back Cynthia. Both him and his wife beg to Cynthia to forgive them, when she and Home visit them. Cynthia discovers through him that his father and younger brother return to Nigeria and had wanted and waited to meet her. This news sets Cynthia to forgive her Uncle and his wife, especially after speaking with her father on phone. It happens that her mother died after giving birth to Ikechukwu, and his father is tasked with caring for a baby while he’s struggling to settle and to get his papers. So, he goes through hell trying to adjust and take care of Ikechukwu.


After her reunion with her father, and her younger brother, Ikechukwu, she weds Mr. Boma.

She’s showered with a lots of gifts, including her father’s gift: a brand new car, a duplex and two visas to America for their honeymoon. Cynthia is gifted with unique wedding she never had with Idris.

In America, her father and her brother give her and her husband a beautiful trip and honeymoon to remember. They show them much love and beautiful gestures, like taking them around America cities.

They equally show them to her mother’s grave.

The thought of Cynthia, if fails to give Mr. Boma children eats her up, but Mr. Boma assures her of his love and their love, which means much to him.

After their honeymoon, Cynthia has permanent job in the ministry, and Mr. Boma is also transferred to Abuja.


The most surprised blessings that visits Cynthia is when she’s confirmed to be 4 weeks pregnant after their honeymoon. Initially, prior to the confirmation, she has signs of pregnancy, of which the couple never understand. It is also confirmed after scan that Cynthia carries triplet in her womb. Their joy knows no bounds.


Cynthia delivers safely under Dr. Junior Smart, who guides her throughout her pregnancy period. She gives birth to her babies through CS (Cesarean) delivery; two boys and a girl. Cynthia becomes a happy mother of three, and makes Mr. Boma a happiest father. She says to herself that “God timing is not the same with man”. Love, answers all things. She vows that her daughter will only marry out of love and not convenience (that is not following her first footpath) and she will teach her boys how to marry women they love.

She marks the day Idris sends her out as the happiest day of her life in disguise. That day begins her new day.


News of Cynthia’s miracle triplet set many to rejoice with the family, especially the family of Peters and Edwins. Mrs. Isa, Cynthia’s former sister in-law, feels happy for them, but deeply regrets both her action and that of her brother’s towards Cynthia. She believes that the triplet would have belonged to them, if they had become patient.

She gets the news from Mrs. Kate, a woman who works in the same ministry with Cynthia.

She narrates the condition of Idris to Mrs. Kate, during her visits.

She says that Idris was at the edge of committing suicide if she had refused to answer his call. He’s world crumbles upon discovery that the children he thought to be his flesh and blood belong to another man. And his doctor told him he will never become a father again, because the infection has damaged his system. The children he thought to have had with Idara, belong to David, Idara’s course mate.

Idara paid David to gets her pregnant in other to invade Idris’s home, as a rich man.

David losing everything (his children and wife) sets him to want his three children back, coupled with his late father’s incessant appearance in his dream, demanding him to bring back his children home.

Though Idris tries to fight and keep his family, but after conducting DNA tests, which proves positives, he sends them packing. He rewrites his will after making Idara his next of kin.

He also discovers he is now an impotent, which blocks his hope of having a child of his flesh. Idara commits suicide, as she couldn’t stand her shame.

In the end, Cynthia becomes the patience dog that eats the fattest bone.

Her home becomes her sweetest joy. Her babies grow and keep doing well.

Mr. Boma receives a political appointment as the Minister of defense. Dr and Mrs. Edwin nominate him as their candidate.

When Mrs. Kate and Mrs. Isa visit Cynthia. She forgives Mrs.Isa and feels a lots bad for Idris. She encourages Mrs. Isa to stand by her brother, because nothing is too hard for God to do.


The underlying message or ideas in the work:

Theme of Perseverance

“Arrow of Destiny”is a captivating story about women’s perseverance, patience, courage and determination to overcome oppression in a suppressive world. The story is about Cynthia, a young girl who is compelled by her circumstances to marry Idris in exchange for access to education.

Life with Idris turns out to be tormenting because of Cynthia is yet to give birth in their ten years of marriage. Cynthia goes through a lot of torment and abuse from her husband Idris, who before their marriage is promiscuous and only settles in marrying Cynthia not because of love but because he feels Cynthia is better and homely in comparison to his girlfriends.

In spite of the troubles Cynthia goes through don her husband, she patiently endures her suffering and perseveres through school despite Idris many attempts to stop her education. In the end Cynthia is divorced without any settlement contrary to the judge’s verdict. Outside Idris’ house, Cynthia meets Mr. Boma and women who helps her in the actualization of her dreams.

Theme of Fate

Fate is the pre-determined events or inevitable events that occurs in one’s life.

Theme of Fate is embedded in “Arrow of Destiny”. One could actually understand that fate plays serious part in Cynthia’s journey of life. She tasted both the sweet and sore parts of fate; she isn’t given a better fate but she also had the best of it.

At her tender age, she is left to be cared for by her grandmother, although she never in a bit missed the absence of her mother, because she’s gifted with a grandmother that loves her very much. Her life seems to crumble losing her mother and then, her grandmother in space of time.

Growing up is never rosy for Cynthia as she struggles, she grows up without parental care. When is been left to looked after and cared for by her Uncle Paul. But her favourable breeze changes to horrible breeze of treatment from her only family around her. Cynthia rejection by her Uncle inculcated her the thought of believing what other people called her (Seeing herself as a witch as she is called by Fatimi, her uncle’s wife). In her marital life, she has hope to have children, to save her home and marital status, but she suffers such joy. Despite all she does, she’s seen thrown out like a piece of rag by Idris. Her fate turns around for good, when she meets Mr. Boma, going back to Abuja and reunion with Mrs. Serah Peters. Meeting Mrs. France brings another blessing, as she is automatically made her Personal assistance in good line.

Fate also brings her father and only brother back to her. Cynthia also enjoys the rest of life journey in the novel, despite encountering misfortunes earlier on.

Theme of Deceit

Idris reason for going into marriage is solely for procreation and posterity purposes. In search for this, he becomes vulnerable and is easily deceived by Idara. Blinded by his penchant for children and his ego, (which brought him to his doom) he ill-treats God’s blessing to him in the representation of Cynthia, sends her out of his house, and seals his fate by bringing Idara to enjoy his wealth.

Idara a young poor undergraduate, sees the opportunity to be liberated from poverty, takes advantage of the situation. She gets pregnant for David -a fellow student and possess the pregnancy as Idris’.

When her fortune and paradise she builder for herself comes crawling down thus she says, “God has already designed our destiny, but we redesign it to suit out greed. I am sweating in an air conditioned room. My paradise, the land flowing with milk and honey that I envisioned for myself is gradually turning to hellhole. I have built my household on the foundation of deceit”. (pg213)

Education as a Tool for Womens Liberation

Despite Cynthia’s suffering and Idris attempt to stop her from continuing her education, Cynthia, nonetheless determined not to give up.

In Cynthia’s words “In all of that, I was focused on my education, I did not allow the marital problems to affect my studies. I knew that being educated was the only way out” (pg65). Through this statement, Iwuagwu encourages focus among women in the fight against female oppression and quest for liberation. Like most women and feminist believe, Cynthia believes that education is the key that will break women free from the clusters of men’s oppression and deprivation.

Theme of good versus evil

Most literary works embed evil fighting good. “Arrow of Destiny” isn’t far-fetched from such depiction.

Some characters in the work are presented with evil deeds and mindsets against other characters, specifically against Cynthia.

Fitima’s strong aversion at Cynthia stirs her bringing fake prophetess to tarnish Cynthia’s image, thereby calling her a witch and finally making her to look like one.

She ends up manipulating her uncle’s mind against his only niece. This results to total rejection by her Uncle. Characters like Sandra, enchants her husband while Idara deceives Idrisin believing that he is the father of her three children.

Domestic Abuse: The marriage of Cynthia and Idris was at first a bit peaceful at the beginning until a few months after the court marriage when Idris started wondering why she hasn’t gotten pregnant yet. His attitude towards her changed, he got angry at her every little mistake, he insults her whenever he gets the chance, he stopped eating get food, he slept out and stopped showing any sign of care.

  The marriage became living hell for Cynthia, she could never have a moment of peace in the house, if Idris wasn’t drunk at night, he would be angry, he made it a daily task for him to remind her that she was barren. She lived in complete fear of Idris. Idris maltreated and brought home his girlfriend’s while Cynthia was made to watch and serve as a maid for the girls. Idris went as far as beating her and treating her like trash because he knew she had no one to run to.

Masculinity/Pride: This is particularly seen in the character Idris. Idris had so much pride in himself and he believed that there was nothing he couldn’t do, he also felt that he could have his way in anything he does or anywhere he goes. Pride was dominant in him seeing as he was the only son in his family and always had his way, his family always let him do what he wanted because he was the only one they had to continue the family lineage, so he grew up having that masculine pride.

  It was this masculine pride that made him get angry whenever Cynthia suggested he see a doctor or follow her to see the doctor for a fertility test, he got angry to the extent of beating her the a pulp because he felt that there wasn’t a reason why he shouldn’t be able to father a child and that there could be no problem with him, he believed that he could have gotten any other woman pregnant and that if there was a problem, it should be from Cynthia not him so he shouldn’t and wouldn’t be going for a fertility test.

  This masculine pride is seen in most African men; they believe that if there is an issue of infertility in a family then the problem isn’t from the man but the woman. They believe that whatever a man does is the right thing to do and that whatever the man says is wrong for a woman to do then it is wrong. The character Idris is a perfect example.


 Ann Iwuagwu, the author has been described as a woman who seeks to change the world through her pen. Although, not specific, it is obvious that Iwuagwu is greatly concerned with the promotion of feminism and self-realization in women as seen in her works; ” The Career Woman”, “The Complete Mother”, etc.” The Arrow of Destiny” is no exception.

Feminism according to the Oxford Dictionary, is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes.

Feminism which means the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.

Although the aim and meaning of feminism is questioned on the beginning of this work, further into the work, we understand self-realization and the approach of the writer better. The first chapter of the book begins with Cynthia, the major character. Although, her story is not unfolded in this first chapter because she is reluctant to open up to Mr. Boma who seems really interested, the description of sadness, sorrow and pain in her tone, and can be felt by the readers. She has just been thrown out of her husband’s house after being childless for ten years. Not having anywhere to go, she is stuck, in the rain but is not concerned as she can only think of her sorrows.

The second chapter where Cynthia finally begins to open up to Mr. Boma helps us to know Cynthia’s story better. She is a woman who has been through emotional, physical and verbal abuse and breakdown. After the death of her mother and grandmother. Then, Idris and his family. Cynthia makes no trouble but peace with Mrs. Isa before she leaves to Mrs. Peter’s house where she was given in her institute. Further into the work, Cynthia reunites with Mr. Boma. Cynthia is clearly in love with Mr. Boma as he is in love with her, but she is reluctant because of her experience and fear as Mr. Boma has predicted but she overcomes this fear by accepting and marrying Mr. Boma and with him she has triplet, finding happiness, reuniting with her father, who left her all alone in her own world and has to stay with her uncle Paul and his wife, who physically and verbally abuses her until she is able to convince her uncle to send her packing. Although Cynthia meets a helper, Mrs. Serah Peters who takes good care of her and raises her like her own child, life does not automatically become smooth for Cynthia. She meets Mrs. Isa who promises her sponsor for higher institution in place of marriage. Although Mrs. Isa keeps her promise of sponsor her studies, Cynthia later comes to realise that marrying Idris is her greatest mistake.

Idris has no love for Cynthia but wants her to bear him a child as he is the only son of his parents and he becomes a beast when she fails to do so, disregarding all claims that he could be the reason. Idris abuses and maltreats Cynthia without pity, saying and doing whatever he feels like. Despite all this Cynthia tries her best to be a good wife to him but Idris goes as far as having children with another woman, Idara and bringing her into the house with her children. Cynthia endures all these until she is thrown out of the house by Idris after a little accident and injury of Idris’ and Idara’s son.

Although Cynthia does not take the step to leave the house herself, we can see that after leaving the house of Idris, and landing in Abuja, Cynthia feels a sense of “Self Realization” and inner happiness and she vows to never go back without even demanding any settlement from Idris and his family. Cynthia makes no trouble but peace with Mrs. Isa before she leaves to Mrs. Peter’s house where she was given a job in Mrs Peter’s institute. Further into the work, Cynthia reunites with Mr. Boma. Cynthia is clearly in love with Mr. Boma as he is in love with her, but she is reluctant because of her experience and fear as Mr. Boma has predicted but she overcomes this fear by accepting and marrying Mr. Boma and with him, she has triplets, finding happiness again, and reunites with her father and her only brother Ikechukwu.


The fictional beings represented in the work:

Cynthia- the central character and herione of the story, who remains undisputable.

She is the only duaghter of Mr. and Mrs Enejor, sister to Ikechukwu. She is an example of an African strong woman, who has potential, will and determination in goal setting and goal actualization. At a very tender age, she is left to be taken care of by her grandmother, who showers her with so much love. She experiences so much deprivation after losing both her mother and grandmother. She tasted a bitter fate as a young girl, adult and wife.

Cynthia is a typical example of a well determined woman, who persevered till the end. After getting married to Idris for the sake of actualizing her education, she remains undisrupted to achieving her aim. She experiences ten years of fruitless marriage with Idris, until she is kicked out. She had her self-realization of becoming a fulfilled woman, and agreeing to remarry Mr. Boma, a man who loves everything about her. She has an accommodating and forgiving spirit, as she forgives her Uncle Paul, his wife, Fatimi and Mrs. Isa for their bad treatments. She reunites with her father and her brother, Ikechukwu.

Cynthia achieved her goals through certain potential women like Mrs. Serah Peters and Mrs. Franca Godwin. She becomes a happy married woman and mother triplet- two boys and a girl, in the end.

Mr. Boma – A military officer, who is charged with security duty in the street over cults infighting. He is first five siblings of his parent, from Kalahari clan of Rivers State. He studies Sociology and Criminology in University of Ife. He immediately joins the Army after his National Youth service. He is a man who insists to secure Cynthia’s safety, when she is stranded and homeless in the lonely street of Perekulu, despite her rejection, he remains adamant to rejection, and insists helping her.

Mr. Boma listens to Cynthia’s touching, gets inspired and enamored with her. He remains a single, hardworking man until he meets Cynthia, whom unimagined becomes his lovely wedded wife in the end.

Mr. Boma is a gentle man, who extends big gestures after saving Cynthia from cults operation at night. He gives her hundred and fifty thousand for her transportation to Abuja and her upkeep until she settles down. Unknowingly, he begins to develop soft spot in his heart for Cynthia and eventually falls in love with her.

Mr. Boma marries Cynthia despite knowing her predicament of ten years of childless marriage. To him, he loves Cynthia even before anything else. He believes Children comes from God, and if God wills to give them children, they will have children, and if not, they’ll adopt. All he cares is to be with Cynthia and spends his entire life with her, after falling in love with her.

He pushes Cynthia into reconciling with her uncle Paul and that makes his wishes of her seeing her father again comes to reality. He becomes a proud and happy a husband as he has Cynthia as his wife, and then happier and fulfilled as father of triplet.

Idris- Cynthia’s ex-husband, and a brother to Mrs. Isa.

He works in an oil company at Agip, and through Cynthia’s aid he is promoted to higher position, there becoming wealthier than before meeting her.

Idris is a wayward husband, who domestically abuses Cynthia over the issues of their childless marriage. He is a proud and arrogant figure, who Channels all the blames of the childlessness to Cynthia without knowing at first that he is the cause of their problem. He is a typical example of some “Stone Age” African men who blame their wife over their childlessness issue. Just like Cynthia agrees to marry Idris because of her education sponsorship, Idris marries Cynthia because of children; he wants his family lineage to keep running. Having Cynthia as a wife never stops his wayward life: he cheats on her, clubs and lives all kind of nasty and naughty life. He gets frustrated over their childlessness, thereby tries harder to stop Cynthia in her education pursuit. He pulls out from fulfilling his responsibility as a husband. He meets Idara, who deceives him to believing he is responsible for her pregnancy and fathering her children. He kicks Cynthia out of his house and later divorces her. In the end, he realizes he is being deceived by Idara, and regrets ever losing Cynthia.

 Idara- A practical woman, who executes her plans without hesitation. She’s a mistress, whom Idris makes out with. She takes advantage of Idris strong desire of wanting children. Through her, readers get to understand that Idris is an impotent. She tries to give Idris’s a child, but to no avail. She then executes her plan, by having David her course mate, to impregnate her with a good pay, and deceives Idris into believing to father their three children. She takes the advantage and maltreats Cynthia in her own home. Nemesis caught up with her, when David wants his children back, thereby disclosing everything to Idris. Idara commits suicide after Idris kicks her, together with her children out of his house. She could not endure the shame.

Mrs. Serah Peters- A caring mother and wife of Mr. Peters. She loves Cynthia and gives her the motherly care she lacks after the death of her grandmother. She educates her on sex-education after Cynthia sees her first menstrual cycle, which stains her uniform. As a mother, cares for Cynthia and accommodates even when her Uncle Paul kicks her out of his house. Mrs. Serah and her family couldn’t carry the weight of sponsoring Cynthia after gaining admission to study Home management science in University of Port-Harcourt, but they wish her good and pray for her. She receives Cynthia back as a mother receives her long lost child when she comes back to Abuja after ten years. As an owner of school of Catering and Fashion, she offers Cynthia a job as one of the teachers in her school. She remains a huge blessing to Cynthia.

Mrs Franca Edwin- A wife to Dr. Edwin, who is the chairman of the People’s Co-operative party (PCP). She’s one of the big dignitaries Cynthia meets through her work as an event planner, a decorator and a baker. She gets in good touch with Cynthia after Cynthia’s beautiful and successful wedding plan for her daughter. Mrs. Franca loves Cynthia, she gets acquaint with her, and chooses her as her personal Assistant after her appointment as a “Minister for Internal Affairs in Federal Republic of Nigeria”. She remains a huge blessing to Cynthia.

Mrs. Isa- Idris’s elder sister, who finds Cynthia comely to become his brother’s wife. She meets Cynthia close to the Cyber where she and her friend check their result. She proposes Cynthia to marry his brother, agreeing to sponsor her education.

She’s a cunny woman, who hides his brother’s true nature from Cynthia. She supports her brother’s decision to bring in Idara, as all they want remain children. She knows her brother to be a wayward figure, yet she never discloses such knowledge to Cynthia. This is the exact reason she wants Idris to marry Cynthia to procreate, while he lives his wayward life. The news of Cynthia’s triplet is given to her by Kate, her friend. Both she and her brother lose in the end, and she regrets all her actions and seeks for Cynthia’s forgiveness.

Uncle Paul- Cynthia’s uncle, who is left to take care of Cynthia alone, after Asuwe leaves to Abroad to continue his education. Uncle Paul remains a good man, who loves and cares for Cynthia, until he marries his Fiancée, Fatimi. As a man he could appreciates his wife loving his only niece, but instead he is being manipulated to hate her niece instead. This is to say that Uncle Paul marries a deceitful woman, who fakes loving Cynthia initially, for her ambition of becoming Paul’s wife. Uncle Paul falls into his wife’s net of manipulation as he reluctantly believes the false prophetess and eventually kicks Cynthia out of his house.

Fatimi- A wife to Uncle Paul, who first pretends to love Cynthia in other to get into the house. She shows her true colour after successfully becoming Paul’s wife. She hates Cynthia, thereby giving her bruises and domestically maltreats her. When Cynthia tells her Uncle Paul about her maltreatment, she gets more strong aversion from Mrs Fatimi. She vows to kick her out of her house. She blames Cynthia over her barrenness, and goes further to connive with a fake prophetess to label her a witch. She manipulates her husband over hating his niece, and finally him to send Cynthia out of their house.

Other characters are:

David- The biological father of Idara’s children.

Uncle Asuwe- another Cynthia’s uncle, who travels abroad to continue his education. He vows to set all ties with his brother, Paul, if he fails to find Cynthia.

Sandra– Cynthia’s course mate who enchants her husband, and tries to convince Cynthia into doing the same to Idris.

Ikechukwu- Cynthia’s only brother.

Mr. Enejor- Cynthia and Ikechukwu’ father

Dr. Junior Smart- Cynthia and Mr. Boma’s family doctor.

Dr. Ikedi- Idriss family doctor

Diction– The author’s choice of words. The choice of Language is very simple and understanding. English language is used throughout the work.

Narrator’s point of view- The narrator’s position in relating the story. The work has two point of view: The first and third person point of view, which is the omniscient.

Setting- Is the time and geographic location within a narrative, either nonfiction or fiction.

The work is a contemporary work, which has three settings:



And Abroad       

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