Are you a disabled, struggling student in the United States who worked tirelessly to get through high school and into college? Are you finding it hard to cope with the finances of getting admitted into college? College can be quite financially demanding. Are you a student under any of the New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal(NYSIR) subscribing districts looking to get financial aid in college? Look no further, for I bring to you the NYSIR Bambino scholarship.


the Bambino scholarship is funded by the New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR). The Scholarship was made in memorial of Cristin Ann Bambino, the late daughter of Robert Bambino, a retired NYSIR’s vice president of risk management. The New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal’s Bambino scholarship was established to honor Cristin Bambino, a disabled student who, despite her condition, scaled through her education as she attained a Bachelor’s degree and a Paralegal certification. The NYSIR honored her resilience and determination by establishing the Bambino Scholarship.

The NYSIR is a public company formed in 1989, headquartered in Uniondale, New York. They are a public insurance company that offers coverage enhancements in the states. The not-for-profit company is owned by its member districts. The company formed over 30 years ago, provides comprehensive insurance for public schools among its member districts. The company specializes in insurance, Risk Management, and New York schools. They currently provide scholarships such as the Cristin Bambino, Paul Jensen, and Joseph Goncalves to college-bound students from their subscribing districts. Of these awards is the Cristin Bambino scholarship for disabled college-bound from subscribing districts.

The Scholarship was created to award “special students” who have been through hardships in high school and have obtained admission into college. It was created to award and aid students who, just like Cristin, are disabled but have made their way through high school and into college through perseverance, resilience, and determination. The NYSIR established the Scholarship to aid them financially while in college. It was created to give these special students a stress-free education in college.

The Scholarship is for college-bound students in the United States who are district members of the New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal, seeking financial assistance. The scholarship awards are given to nine (9) special students with funding ranging from three thousand dollars ($3,000) to five thousand dollars ($5,000). Seven regional winners will receive awards of three thousand dollars ($3,000), a second (2nd) prize winner, whose prize will be a four-thousand-dollar award ($4,000), and finally, a statewide winner who will receive a five-thousand-dollar award.

The New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal has, over the last 15 years, awarded almost five hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($550,000) to college-bound students from their member districts. The awards have aided over 150 students in attaining educational excellence without being burdened by finances.


The Bambino scholarship is awarded yearly to college-bound students from the NYSIR’s subscribing districts. The Scholarship is for disabled high school graduates living in the United States who wish to gain admission into a university in New York. Students eligible are expected to apply for the Scholarship and complete the required processes. The Scholarship is awarded to nine students overall: seven regional students, one prize winner, and one statewide student.

The NYSIR created the Bambino scholarship to aid students who, just like Cristin, face challenges. They aim to provide these students with a stress-free education so that they may achieve educational excellence. This aim has been a reality as over 150 students have benefitted from their scholarships.

There is no course restriction with the Scholarship. All eligible students have the freedom to choose any college program they desire.


The primary benefit of the Scholarship is the award gotten. Students who apply for the Scholarship stand the chance of winning awards of $3,000 or 5,000, which can give them the financial freedom to excel in their education.

Students who are awarded can leverage the financial aid to fund any college program of their choice.

NYSIR usually uses photographs of students who are awarded the Scholarship for the campaign. This, in turn, leads to the publicity of the awarded students.

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  • Aspirants for the Scholarship must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • As mentioned earlier, the applicant must be an alumnus of a high school.
  • Students who aspire to attain the Scholarship must be disadvantaged or a disabled student
  • The applicant must be based primarily in New York.
  • The scholarship aspirants must have obtained admission into a university
  • The applicants’ high school must be a subscriber district of NYSIR


Note: students who wish to apply must Possess transcripts from their high school, an admission letter from the colleges that accepted them, the document for the application for the Scholarship, and an essay of not more than 650 words containing:

  • the accomplishments of the students in high school extra-curricular activities as well as academic performances.
  • The student’s choice of program in college.
  • The capability of the student to serve as a role model to other disadvantaged students
  • The way the student overcame his/her challenges.
  • Applications can be obtained in Guidance or can be downloaded at
  • Application forms and the other needed documents are to be emailed to If emailing the application is not possible, the student should ensure to reach out to Krystel Allen at 516-392-2320.


The deadline for submitting applications for the 2023 Bambino scholarship is the 17th of March, 2023.

For more information, visit their official website:


How do I apply for the Scholarship?

Application for the Bambino scholarship is made online via their official webpage: Application is only done once the requirements as stated above have been met.

What grades does one need to get the Scholarship?

There are no specific grades needed for the application for the Scholarship. As stated earlier, the Scholarship is for special students who are primary residents of the United States. These students are expected to be graduates of a high school, which is a subscribing district of the NYSIR, as well as undergraduates of a university or institution. Once these criteria and others are met, one is considered eligible to apply for the Scholarship.

What is the amount in funds for the Bambino scholarship?

The amount in funds of the Bambino scholarship ranges from $3,000 to $5,000. The award of $3,000 is given to regional students,$4,000  is given to a prize winner, and$5,000 is given to a statewide winner.


The Bambino scholarship is an opportunity and leverage open to every high school alumnus who meets the eligibility criterion. Are you eligible? The scholarships by NYSIR have aided over 150 students. You can be next if you sign up today. For more info on scholarships, kindly visit


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