Youth Summer Camp Scholarships

YSU Scholarship, in full; Youth Summer Camp Scholarships offer different opportunities to young individuals to attend summer camps, despite their financial backgrounds. The scholarship is focused on fostering personal growth, learning, and social interactions among youths by giving them the opportunity to participate in various camp activities like sports, arts, outdoor adventures, and educational programs. Youth summer camp plays a vital role in ensuring that young people from different socio-economic backgrounds have access to and enjoy the benefit of attending summer camps.

Benefits of Youth Summer Camp Scholarships

Youth Summer Camp scholarship offers many benefits to participants. Here are some of the benefits:

Personal Growth

Youth summer camps provide young ones with an environment where they can step out of their comfort zone and be challenged. They try new activities and learn valuable life skills, such as problem-solving, leadership skills, decision-making, teamwork, etc.

Access to opportunities

The Youth Summer Camp scholarship offer young ones from all financial background the opportunity to access enriching programs, training, and experiences through the summer camp.

Skill Development

In the summer camp, students get to engage in activities like sports, arts, and other academic-related engagements. These activities are aimed at developing and refining skills in various areas, which can be in terms of teamwork, communication skills, physical fitness, or creativity.

Social Interaction

Camps encourage social interaction among participants and help individuals form new friendships. This interaction can be quite impactful, especially in providing support during and after the camp.

Outdoor Exploration

Since camps are usually held outdoors, they offer youths the opportunity to connect with nature, develop an appreciation for the environment, and engage in fun outdoor activities.

Memory Creation

Camp memories tend to be cherished for a lifetime. The unique and fun experiences, in addition to the newly formed friendships, create a lasting memory that one can look back to.

Future opportunities

The experiences and skills gained at summer camps can help individuals in the future, as their newly developed skills can help them in future engagements, even in academics.

South Dakota Mines Summer Camp Scholarship

The South Dakota Mines summer camp scholarship applications program was developed to award financial support to eligible students who are interested in STEM but are unable to afford the cost of the camp. This scholarship only covers the cost of the camp registration, as campers are required to cover the cost of their travel and lodging.


  • Participants have to apply for the scholarship before the students register for the summer camp. If the participant applies after registering, he or she will not be given a refund.
  • Students are required to fill out the scholarship application and be approved.
  • You can only apply when there is still a slot available.
  • The scholarship applications will be reviewed within a week of submission.
  • Note that the scholarship form is not the camp registration form. When the scholarship is approved, the student must use the code to sign up for the summer camp.

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Youth Summer Camp and Activity Scholarship – Alaska Housing

 The Youth Summer Camp and Activity Scholarship offers young Alaskans the opportunity to attend a summer camp, take part in a specific activity, or participate in a sport of their choice. This scholarship covers activities such as swimming lessons, computer camps, outdoor adventure trips, etc.


  • Applicants must be from the ages 6 to 17 and reside in an assisted rental unit owned by Alaska Housing or receive assistance through an AHFC housing voucher.
  • The scholarship award is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited to 2 children per household.

How to apply

  • Pick any summer camp, activity, or sport of your choice
  • Only eligible families can apply for a scholarship, for up to two youths per household, i.e., one application per household.
  • Scholarships are up to $500 with a $25 co-pay per youth for the cost of the camp or activity and other related fees.


YSU scholarships open doors for youths who may not have the opportunity to attend camps, thus enabling them to enjoy memorable experiences, develop skills, and forge lasting friendships. These scholarships contribute to a more inclusive and vibrant camp community, fostering personal growth and enriching the lives of young people. For more information on scholarships and scholarship tips, visit


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