The Introduction to Nigerian Literature II is a three-credit, single-semester college course. It has 25 study units divided into five modules. The course materials were developed with a Nigerian context in mind. The course guide will give you an introduction to the class. It also offers details about the structure and prerequisites of the course.

Course Aims

Students to be exposed to the idea of Nigerian Literature in English
Students are taught the various genres of Nigerian Literature
In order to give students a better understanding of how the structures of Nigerian Literature
To enhance students’ understanding of Nigerian literature
In order to familiarize students with the major themes of Nigerian Literature

Course Objectives

To reach the goals mentioned above, we set general goals. Each subject has specific goals. They will help guide you through your learning. They are typically stated at the beginning of every module. Once you’re finished with your unit study, review the goals. This will help you understand the goal you been given to accomplish. When you have completed the
In the course of your studies, you should be in a position to:

A) Find out the background of Nigerian written literature in English
B) Recognize the development of Nigerian written literature
C) Consider the most important themes of Nigerian Literary works in English
D) Consider the theme of anti-colonialism that are present in Nigerian Literature
e) Recognize the causes behind the development of neocolonial Nigerian writings
F) Define the main themes of the contemporary Nigerian writers
g) Consider the style of Nigerian literature in English

Through this Course

For the course to be completed the student must take the study unit and other materials related to it. In addition, you must take on practical exercises. For this, you’ll need a pen as well as a notebook and other supplies that will be described in this guide.

The exercises will aid you to understand the concepts that are being taught. After each unit, you’ll be
You are required to write assignments for the purpose of assessing. After the course, you’ll complete a final test.

Course Materials

The main materials you will require for this course are:

1.0 Course guide
2.0 Study units
3.0 Relevant texts, including those that are listed under each unit.
4.0 Assignment file
5.0 Presentation schedule


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