The course Modern English Structure II is a single semester, two credit units, 100-level course that is designed for students with a major field of study in English. The language of instruction is English. The course is comprised of 15 units that deal with different aspects of structure that aren’t covered in Modern English Structure I. The prerequisite for the course is English 121. The material has been created using local examples that are suitable for Nigerian students.

This course guide explains in detail what the course will be about, what materials you’ll be using, and the best way to use them. You will need to work through these documents. The book provides general guidelines on how long you will likely spend.

You will be able to spend time on each part that you will need to complete in each unit. The course also provides guidelines on the assignments that your tutor has marked. You are it is recommended to take part in tutorials to discuss your issues with your instructor.

Modern English Structure II

Course Aims

This course will strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the basic structure of English and master the fundamentals of sentence construction. It will guide you through the evolution of grammar through a review of grammar models from the traditional to contemporary. The goal of the course is to:

*Help you get an understanding of the patterns that define the English Language English Language
• Help you acquire the ability to identify and describe the different structural patterns that exist at the various levels.
* How they interact in their communication
• Assist you in achieving through practice and knowledge proficiency and competence to use English in general use and for academic purposes.

Course Objectives

There are specific goals that must be met in every section of the class. It is recommended to read these before going through each unit.
It is to be expected that when you’ve finished this course, you will be competent to:

*identify and correct structural issues that are present in English sentences;
*Write well-coordinated and linked sentences;
“I have an inkling of roots of the ancestry and development of grammar models;
Have a solid understanding of your English Verb and its many properties because it is the most crucial word in an entire sentence.

Through this Course

To finish this course You are required to go through the study units as well as the recommended books as well as other resources offered by NOUN. Each unit has self-assessment exercises. At various times throughout the course, you will be required to submit assignments to be assessed. When you have completed the course, you will be required to take an exam at the end. The course will take around 15 weeks to finish. All the elements of the course are listed below. You must assign your time to each section to finish the course on time and within the timeframe.

Course Material

The main elements of the course include:

Study units
Assignment File
Presentation schedule


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