Raider of the Treasure Trove – Lade Wosornu

But what can be worthy of your life?
What dearer than the gems or your dreams;
The reason you are here? Always strive
To fly flags of joy, and, sail up streams

Powered by the breeze of love, your course
Chattered in the ink of compassion
And, fling roses wherever you pause
Heavens-on-earth your destination.
Of things which would blot out that brief

Or, breach your sails with arrows unseen
No, Rob you of your life, Rage is Chief
Rage drags rags after you, of Charity
Laughter, sweetness and light, Rage is thief
Enemy of equanimity

Rage spreads toxic fumes on every scene.
In essence, Rage spells calamity
It’s sole cause? Your perception of storms
Breaking around, not upon, your head
There are either snakes, deviants nor norms;

As you think, so you feel. Watch your mind
Rage sets sail. Can ruin lag far behind?
I’ll fling roses wherever I berth
My destination is Heaven-on-earth.

                                                 – Lade Wosornu

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