Divorce, as the author defines it is selfish, time-consuming, unnerving, painful, inconsiderate, and debt-inducing experience(STUPID). Vincent Fudge, in his narrative Stupid Divorce, depicts an elaborate experience of a failed marriage, regrets, self-realisation, acceptance, amongst others. The author walks us through the various divorce edges, from the psychological impact on families to individual psychological effects as well as the legal process and the process of separation.

Vincent’s meticulous approach to divorce and the difficult tasks that follow provide readers with the practical aspects that are made clear. The Narrator explains the motives for his divorce and the emotional consequences and provides a valuable insight into the process of separation. The author provides a thorough explanation of the emotions it takes to end a marriage and the path to grief and acceptance.

Through the lives of Edward and Ebony, the author takes readers on an emotional journey through an extremely painful relationship. Communication, smart love, pride imperfections, grief, and pain are the main themes that are explored in this tale which is why the author’s achievement in capturing the reader’s emotions.

This book has various parts, and each offers a transitional stage that follows a grand triangulation. The author outlines step-by-step how to perform the steps, the results of the actions, as well as the way to resolve the situation.

I like the simple language used since different terms are explained. There is no complex characterisation since the characters are a few, the roles they play are well defined, and the events of the story are clearly organised to facilitate understanding.

The Stupid Divorce provided a real and relatable story of divorce and failed marriages and offers practical advice for readers. After reading this narrative, you are bound to gain useful information on marriage, relationships and divorce, especially the processes of divorce.

There were certainly hints of supernatural in the story, where the main character appeared to be conversing with the unnatural person.

I especially love this book due to its engaging and educational approach. I would recommend this book to teens and adults who love learning and experience. I’m rating this book five stars.

review of stupid divorce

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