Are you a high school junior dreaming of attending college? Are you seeking a scholarship to aid your academic life in college?

Most scholarships are peculiar to an institution and you want to get to choose your institution? These and many more the Coolidge scholarship program offers.



The Coolidge scholarship program is a program that provides an opportunity for students in the United States to pursue various careers at the university by providing scholarship opportunities for a select few.

The scholarship program was created by the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation. The foundation has its base in Plymouth Notch, Vermont and is dedicated to preserving the values and legacy of the thirtieth president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge.

The foundation was founded in 1960 by the son of the president, John Coolidge, along with a group of people who were also Coolidge enthusiasts.

The foundation’s main focus and initiative is the Coolidge scholarship program. The foundation is an independent, non-profit organization.

The Coolidge scholarship program was launched in 2016, and its inaugural class was inducted formally in July 2016.

The Coolidge scholarship program is a full-ride merit-based scholarship program awarded annually to three to four students.

This award is not institute-specific, as awarded students select their choices from any accredited university or college in the United States to study a four-year course.

The application for this scholarship is strictly for high school juniors. High school seniors are not allowed to apply for this scholarship.

Through the course of applying for this scholarship, the thousands of students who apply for it annually will have to study about President Coolidge and read his autobiography.

As of recently, three to four students are awarded the scholarship annually after a long and rigorous process. These students are then referred to as Coolidge Scholars.

The processes of selection for these scholars include the finalist weekend, which is spent in Woodstock, Vermont, and Plymouth Notch, the base of the foundation.

Here, the finalists are judged by the body of finalists, headed by the former governor of Vermont, Governor James H. Douglas. The then-elected students are given the full-ride awards.

Also, students who are among the top 100 applicants are tagged and named “Coolidge Senators” and are then invited to attend the “Coolidge Senators Summit,” which is organized annually by the foundation in Washington, D.C. Every one of these Coolidge Senators receives a modest scholarship.

Applications for this scholarship must be academically inclined with a distinguishing academic record.

The awarded students must show unusual academic depth and intellectual curiosity.

They must also have an interest in policy, in line with Calvin Coolidge, who studies public policy.

This scholarship also seeks young people who demonstrate commitment to positively influencing their communities and those who are concerned about the well-being of others.

Recipients of this scholarship are notified at the end of May of their junior year, before their college application.

Calvin Coolidge was a man who worked hard in his academics to achieve academic excellence.

The major criterion for this scholarship is academic excellence. The scholarship is open to all, irrespective of race or religion and has a lot of benefits attached to it.



The Coolidge Scholarship was founded by the Coolidge Foundation. This scholarship is one of the full-ride scholarships in the United States.

It was created in honor of Calvin Coolidge, the thirtieth president of the United States of America.

The scholarship is merit-based, as three or four academically excellent students are awarded this scholarship.

However, the top 100 students are considered “Coolidge Senators” and are awarded a modest scholarship award.

This scholarship is open only to students who are in their junior year of high school.

It is a full-ride scholarship that covers accommodation, tuition, and other expenses.

The amount awarded and value of the scholarship have been estimated to be over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($150,000) per student.

Before a student is awarded, certain criteria and processes of judgment must be made, with the most important being academic excellence.

The scholarship is open to students of all races and religions and it gives the awarded students the choice of any accredited institution in the United States as well as any four-year course of study.

Over two thousand students apply for this scholarship annually but only a handful are awarded it.



The Coolidge scholarship offers more funds than most in the world. It covers the full tuition, room and board, and required fees of the awarded students for the four years of their undergraduate study. Also, the scholarship provides annual stipends for supplies and books.


  • Applicants must be high school juniors at the time of application for the scholarship.
  • He or she must be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • Applicants for this scholarship have to intend to enroll full-time for the first time in any accredited institution in the United States to study a four-year course.
  • Students who desire to apply for this scholarship must be academically inclined and must present his/her academic record.
  • Any student who desires to apply for this scholarship must not be an immediate member of any current employee or trustee of the scholarship program and the foundation at large.
  • Students who intend to apply for this scholarship must appreciate the Coolidge values and demonstrate an interest in public policy.
  • Applicants must display humility and have a high sense of service, especially to their communities.
  • Applicants must submit the records of their SAT/ACT results and scorecards.
  • Applicants are required to submit three well-written essays. More information on this is usually given out once the application begins.
  • Two recommendation letters, one from the applicant’s teacher and the other from a member of the community of the applicant who, although knows the applicant is not related to him/her are required.


NOTE: The application for this scholarship for the 2023–2024 session is not yet open but will begin during the fall of the year.

After application, all applicants will be notified of the outcome by summer 2024 and then those labeled finalists will be contacted by phone and invited to the Finalist Interview Weekend in Woodstock, Vermont.

The foundation will cover the cost of travel and lodging for the finalists and one parent.

Students who desire to apply for this scholarship can do so on


The application for this scholarship usually opens in October and the deadline for the application is usually five months after the start of the application.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit their official website:


What is the Coolidge Scholars program?

The Coolidge Scholars are a full-ride scholarship that is merit-based. The scholarship is awarded annually to academically excellent students who show humility and interest in public policy, just like Calvin Coolidge did, and who demonstrate a sense of service.

The scholarship is fully funded and covers the students’ accommodation and board, tuition and fees, as well as books and supplies. The scholarship is awarded annually to about three to four students who meet the requirements and standards stipulated above.

How many essays are required for the Coolidge Scholars program?

Three essays are needed for the application for this scholarship program. The topics and prompts, however, are distributed along the line. To keep tabs on when the prompts for the 2023–2024 session will be released, do visit their official website,

What are the requirements for the Coolidge Scholars Program?

Documents such as high school transcripts, two recommendation letters (one from a teacher of the applicant and the other from a community member), records of ACT/SAT scores and scorecards as well as three well-written essays are required for the application for this scholarship.


Not many scholarships in the United States offer full-ride scholarships. The Coolidge Scholars program provides golden opportunities for students who desire to pursue a degree in any institution or college in the United States.

The scholarship comes with various amazing opportunities and experiences and is a very competitive scholarship.

A student who meets the eligibility standards are expected to visit their official website frequently to be updated on the date for the beginning of the application and are encouraged to apply once the application begins.


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