Overview of the Young Floridian Scholarship

The Young Floridian Scholarship is a school award established in 1985. It was established by General Development Corporation with the aim of recognizing outstanding seniors for their achievements and generous service to their school and community. The Young Floridian Award honors one senior student of Lucie High School in 15 academic disciplines. Winners are announced at the end of the school session and are given a $1000 scholarship to attend any college or university of their choice. It also includes a two-year full scholarship to IRSC, which is an alternative to choosing any college of their choice. The Young Floridian Scholarship is usually presented at an annual ceremony held at the McAlphin Theatre at Indian River State College.

The exceptional high school seniors who are awarded this scholarship are not just the best for their accomplishments in the classroom but also their accomplishments in the playing fields and their communities. They are granted the scholarship for their time and commitment to civic activities. These students are appreciated as leaders and are expected to be leaders in the future.

How to Apply to Young Floridian Scholarship

The Young Floridian Scholarship is one of the best scholarships that help send the brightest of St. Lucie Country’s high school seniors to college. It is a great program that offers scholarships to 15 different academic disciplines. Application to this scholarship is quite simple. Students are nominated by their schools. Only students who have good grades are nominated for this scholarship. After the nomination, the nominees are required to complete a comprehensive application. The application involves participating in training. In this training, they learn skills that will assist them in the panel interview during the judging process.

Eligibility Criteria for Young Floridian Scholarship

The eligibility for this Young Floridian Scholarship is simple – it is only reserved for the brightest students. So, only students who have good grades are qualified for the scholarship. Also, application for the scholarship is through nomination, as the school nominates those eligible.

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Young Floridian Scholarship Category

There are several categories for the Young Floridian Scholarship. They include:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Arts
  • Athletics
  • Career and Technology
  • Computer Science/Engineering and Architecture
  • Drama
  • Foreign Language
  • Human services
  • Journalism and communications
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Science
  • Social studies

Frequently Asked Questions On Young Floridian Scholarship

What is the Young Floridian Scholarship?

The Young Floridian Scholarship is a high school award that awards high school seniors in 15 different academic disciplines. The scholarship recognizes students with outstanding academic performance and contributions to their community.

What is the Queen Scholarship?

The Queen Scholarship is an award set by a donation from the formers US Ambassador, Sir Walter. The scholarship is for funding exchange between the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Oxford.

Does Florida offer scholarships?

Yes, the Florida Department of Education is known to offer scholarships for high school graduates. An example is the Florida Bright Futures scholarship, which is for High school graduates.

Which State gives out the most scholarships?

The top 5 best states for scholarships include:

  • California
  • Illinois
  • Alabama
  • Tennessee
  • New York


The Young Floridian Program is a good way of showing how proud the school and community are to have individuals who represent the quality of young adults produced in St. Lucie County. This article has covered all you need to know about the Young Floridian Scholarship, including the eligibility, application procedure, and scholarship category. For more scholarship articles, visit Smarnib.com.


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