Overview of Young Life Scholarship

The Young Life Scholarships is a scholarship program held by the Young Life Christian fellowship. This fellowship is an evangelical Christian organization known to be based on Colorado Springs, and they focus on young people in college, high school and middle school. Young Life organizes camps and scholarships beneficial for young, like leadership and religious programs. The Young Life scholarship offers many scholarship programs such as the Roberts Wesleyan College Young Life scholarship, the summer camp scholarship and the Gordon’s University Scholarships.

Young Life Scholarship – Roberts Wesleyan College

Young Life Scholarship offers students up to $4000 to study at Roberts Wesleyan College. The program offers scholarship to full time traditional undergraduates who are active members in the Young Life community. These undergraduate students are eligible for a $1000 scholarship, which is for their first year.

Active members of Young Life who enrolls and is successfully completes the Young Life Leadership training course, and then holds a leadership position can receive $1000 each. The position they hold can be in either through young life or on Robert’s campus. This grant is renewable each year for up to three academic years; which can total up to $4000 over four academic years.

The Training course for Young Life is available for both active members in Young Life and other interested individuals. Eligible students can take the course during their freshman or for a transfer student during the first fall semester at Roberts.

Azusa Pacific University – Azusa, CA

This scholarship awards $1000 to upcoming freshmen with the previous Young Life involvement like the Young Life Leadership program. Therefore the scholarship is available for Young Life Team leaders.

Young Life Scholarship – Crown College

The Young Life Scholarship for Crown College is beneficial for Young Life staff and former students. It offers 20% discount for all online and graduate programs. There is also a $1000 annual, renewable scholarship for on-campus college coursework. This program is transfer-friendly and offers free evaluation for all accredited college coursework. The application fee for this scholarship will be waived. Tuition discounts add to any other state or federal financial support available.

Ottawa University Arizona – Surprise, AZ

The Ottawa University Young Life Scholarship covers scholarship for students with Young Life involvement. These students are eligible to apply for the Ottawa Alliance for a Quality Christian Education Scholarship. This scholarship awards up to $7000 to $15000 annually. This sum up to $28,000 to $60,000 for up to four years.

It is awarded based on GPA, ACT/SAT composite score. Applicant is also required to submit a letter of recommendation from the student’s local Young Life area director. Eligible participants for the Ottawa University scholarship live on campus at Ottawa University. They also participate as student spiritual leader, while working with the Office of Student of Affairs. Their participation will be based on their personal interests.

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Taylor University – Upland, IN

The Young Life Global Christian ministry is a program, aimed at introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and also helps them grow their faith. This program covers students in the school classroom, sports and the community. The Taylor University Young Life scholarship offers up to $2,500 to $10, 000 per year. Up to $5,000 to $11,000 is awarded to dependents of Young Life employees and students who participated in the Young Life program in high school or is currently serving as a Young Life volunteer. Applicants are also expected to have a minimum of 2.75 GPA to 4.0 scales and have to enroll full-time at Taylor University.

This scholarship is renewable for dependents of the Young Life employees. For a student who is not a dependent of a Young life employee, but have the opportunity to volunteer with young Life the scholarship is also renewable. It is renewable, if the student provides a note form a Young Life staff member, who has initially volunteered at a local facility, during the summer Young life Camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the youngest age you can get a scholarship?

Students can begin applying for scholarship from the age of 14 years. Students under the age of 14 are not eligible to apply for scholarships, but can prepare by working hard in school and doing community service.

What is the purpose of Young Life?

The purpose of the Young Life organization is to introduce young ones to Jesus Christ and help them build and grow their faith.

What Grade is best for scholarship?

Grade 12 is a good time for a student to win scholarships. At grade 12 students have more opportunities for scholarship.

What countries is Young Life in?

Young Life is known to be a global organization, committed to helping young people around the world. However, the Young Life organization is located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein and lots others.


Young Life Scholarships offer students the opportunity not to only come close to good for to progress academically. The young life organization is committed to helping kids from all over the world and offer different scholarships for different programs and schools. In this article we’ve considered all you need to know about the Young Life Scholarships, for more scholarship news visit Smartnib.com.


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