We’ve put together the Characters in LET ME DIE ALONE by John Kolosa Kargbo and provided brief information about each character. Enjoy!


1. Gbanya

He is the leader of Mendeland at the beginning of the play. He is a polygamist. He does not keep his promise to choose Yoko as his successor. He is slammed by the governor of colonial times for defending one of his white brothers against each other during an all-white conflict. The governor eventually poisons him through his subordinates Lamboi as well as Musa. In his final throes, he confides his throne to Yoko.


2. Yoko

 The woman was one of Gbanya’s many wives. She is a woman who has no hair. She is Gbanya’s favourite wife and successor. During her tenure as chief, she has an alteration in the place of capital from Senehun Village to Moyamba Village. She also expands her authority by obtaining the permission of the governor of the colonial administration.

She is swindled to the detriment of Lamboi along with Musa who lies to her followers that she killed Jeneba to gain Dr Rowe’s favour. She is then embarrassed and disgraced by her own people. She then commits suicide, after discovering the mystery of The Poro Bush.

3. Lamboi

Lamboi is one of two conspirators in the play. He is the one who orchestrated the murders of Gbanya and Jeneba. He charges Yoko for murdering Jeneba after Jeneba stopped his plan to become King. He escapes when his secrets are revealed.

4. Musa

Musa is the chief priest in Mendeland. Along with Lamboi, Musa murders Gbanya and Jeneba in order to help Lamboi become the head of the community. He is involved in various human sacrifices to ensure long-term prosperity and longevity. He escapes after Yoko discovers his sinister deeds at Poro Bush.

5. Ndapi

Ndapi is the main warrior of Mendeland He is also the husband of Jilo and the father of Jeneba. He has a bad attitude towards his wife. He also mocks Yoko for the rumours that she murdered his daughter. He apologizes later to Yoko when the body of his daughter was found mutilated. that his child was found.

Plot Summary Of Let Me Die Alone by John Kolosa Kargbo

6. Jilo 

She is Jeneba’s wife and Ndapi’s mother. She is not faithful to her husband.

7. Jeneba

She has been identified as Ndapi the daughter of Jilo. She is a frequent visitor to the palace. Jeneba is Yoko’s foster daughter. Jeneba is a victim of domestic violence committed by her parents against Yoko. She dies at the hands of Lamboi as well as Musa.

8. Dr Rowe 

He was the colonial governor that humiliated Gbanya and swore a lie to Yoko.


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