Linguistics (the science of studying human languages). The course has been designed using examples that are suitable for Nigerian students. This guide will explain in a brief manner what the course will be about, what material you will be using and how you will navigate the material.

It offers general guidelines regarding the time you’ll devote to each part in the class. It also provides suggestions for marking your assignments by your lecturer.

It is recommended that you take part in the tutorial sessions to discuss any issues in the presence of your teacher.

Course Objectives

It is intended to introduce students to a broad overview of the linguistics of the different levels of language description.

The objectives are to expose you to the fundamentals that human languages are made up of; help you to gain a broad understanding and knowledge of linguistics as well as its relationship to language, aid you in developing your analytical and theoretical linguistic skills to recognize and describe the different levels of language.

To help you gain complete knowledge and practice the skills and competence required for studying the various structures of language. Course Objectives There are goals that must be met in each module that the class.

It is recommended to read them prior to going through every section. It is anticipated that once you’ve completed this course, you will be able to define the human language; * recognize the various levels of description of language and analyze the structure of a language’s linguistic language; * describe the development and history of linguistics; theoretical frameworks; and then apply linguistic principles to different kinds of linguistic descriptions in English along with other languages.


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