Introduction to Literature and Literary Criticism is a three-credit unit course that is open to students who are in their second year of the first semester of BA English Language. The course provides an essential element in studying literary criticism. It introduces you to the different forms of critique theories and concepts within literary criticism. It also provides literary texts that are used to demonstrate the previous points. The course materials were developed in keeping an understanding of the Nigerian context in mind. This guide to the course provides details on the organization and the requirements to be met by the students.


The goal is to assist you in understanding the meaning of literature as well as literary criticism. The broad goals will be accomplished through:

I. introduction an understanding of the literature as well as literary criticism
ii. familiarizing you with the unique features of literature and literary criticism
iii. familiarizing you with the distinctive method that allows you to read, comprehend and analyze literary texts
iv. This course will prepare you for further studies in literary criticism and literature.


The course has 18 modules within the course. Each unit has its own goals. It is important to read the goals of each unit and keep them in mind while you work through the course.

If you successfully complete this course, you’ll be capable of:

A. define literary criticism and literary theory
B. examine the principles and concepts you require to understand and appreciate the study of literary works
C. describe the various types of literature
D. identify the tools needed in literary criticism.
E. examine literary texts
F. I enjoy and admire every work of literature.


In order to complete the course, you must go through the unit and the recommended novels, poems, plays, as well as other relevant material. It is expected that you take on some assignments which require notebooks, a pen, along with other items included in this book.

After each module, you will be asked to complete written assignments for evaluation purposes. After the course, you’ll complete a final test.


The primary materials you’ll require for your course are:

  1. Course Guide
  2. Study Units
  3. Textbooks
  4. Assignment File
  5. Presentation Schedule


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