The course, The Introduction to Nigerian Literature 1 is a 2 credit, one-semester undergraduate course. It consists of 15 study units divided into three modules. The material has been designed with a Nigerian context in mind. This course guide will give you details of the course. It gives you information about the structure and expectations of the course.

The course introduces you to the evolution of Nigerian literature from oral to written, and the political and social circumstances that led to this change. It is also a good opportunity to consider the evolution of the size, awareness, and preoccupation of Nigerian artists throughout the years.

Course Aim

a. To introduce students to the idea of Nigerian Literature in English
b. To familiarize the students with the writers of Nigeria
C. to familiarize students with the phases of development of Nigerian Literature

Course Objectives

To accomplish the goals above, we’ve set some general objectives. Each unit has goals that help you with your studies. They usually are stated in the first paragraph of each unit. When you’re done with the unit review the objectives. This will help you understand what you have been given to accomplish.

After completing this course you will be competent to:

A. trace the source of Nigerian written literature written in English
B. track the evolution of Nigerian written language into English from oral literature.
C. Review the key stages in the evolution of Nigerian writing in English
D. Recognize the influence of colonial forces in the evolution of Nigerian Literature
E. Define the main themes of Nigerian writers from the early days to their contemporary.
F. Be aware of the structure of Nigerian literature in English

For the course to be completed it is necessary to go through the study units as well as other materials related to it. In addition, you must complete a practical assignment that requires an eraser, a notebook as well as other items included in this manual. The exercises will assist you to comprehend the concepts that are being taught. When you finish each module you will be asked to write assignments to be assessed. After the course, you’ll complete a final test.

Course Materials

The main materials you will require for this course include:

  1. Guide to the course
  2. Study units
  3. Relevant textbooks, including those that are listed under each unit.
  4. Assignment file
  5. presentation schedule


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