Introduction to Prose Fiction is a two-credit one-semester undergraduate course. It is comprised of 15 study units divided into three modules. The course materials were designed for students to be introduced to prose fiction, a genre of literature.

The course guide will introduce the class and include information on the course’s structure and the requirements that the program must meet. The program introduces students to the development, origins, and major components that compose prose stories. Certain texts that are representative have been studied to reveal certain aspects that characterize prose stories. They were selected to represent the various types of prose-fiction.

Course Aim

a. To introduce students to the idea that is Prose Fiction

b. To introduce students to the development and origins of Prose Fiction

c. To familiarize students with the concept of analyzing the text of Prose Fiction

Course Objectives

To attain the goals above, We have a set of overall goals. Each unit is also accompanied by goals that will aid you in your study. They usually appear in the first paragraph of each unit. Once you’re finished with your unit, review the objectives, this will assist you in understanding the goal you have been aiming to complete. Additionally, you should purchase the textbooks and then read them.

After completing the course, you’ll be able to.

a. Discover the roots in Prose Fiction;

b. Explore the development in Prose Fiction.

C. Examine the critical stages in the evolution of Prose Fiction

d. Discuss the main aspects of Prose Fiction.

e. Discuss the main themes of the chosen texts.

f. Examine at least a short story. The course is a work in progress.

To successfully complete the course, students must read the study unit and other materials related to it. In addition, you must take on a practical task that requires notebooks, a pen, and other supplies listed in this book. The exercises will assist you in comprehending the concepts that are being taught. After each module, you will be asked to write assignments to be assessed. After the course, you’ll take a final exam.

The primary material you’ll require to complete this course is the following:

1. Course guide

2. Units of study

3. Relevant textbooks, including those that are listed under each section

4. Assignment file

5. Presentation schedule


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