Here, I present to you an extensive selection of the Key Themes in Second Class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta. It includes both minor and major themes that are featured in the novel Second Class Citizen.

These themes should help prepare you for any question during the exam. Therefore, I suggest you have a close look at each of these.


  • The theme of perseverance or determination
  • The theme of male privilege
  • The struggle for the dignity of womanhood.
  • Themes of women’s liberation.
  • The theme of accusation (or criticism) of a society dominated by males.
  • The theme of education for girls within Second Class Citizen
  • The theme of prejudice based on race
  • The theme of male dominance
  • The concept of class in the society
  • The theme of citizenship
  • The theme of African woman’s struggle to survive.
  • The African woman’s search to find fulfilment
  • The theme of domestic violence
  • The marriage theme
  • The motherhood theme
  • The theme of female autonomy
  • The theme of gender inequalities
  • The topic of marital stability
  • Ambition is the theme
A Comprehensive Summary Of Second Class Citizen
  • The theme of discrimination (Note that this is not a universal theme. Therefore, you must consider two or more places where discrimination is apparent throughout the book. Some examples include race as well as gender.)
  • The theme of racial discrimination
  • The theme of culture
  • The theme of the clash of cultures
  • The theme of the tradition
  • The issue of gender inequality
  • The theme of violence against women
  • The theme of shock to the culture
  • The idea of possibilities
  • The theme of human genius
  • The dream theme
  • The theme of gender discrimination/discrimination against women
  • The subject of education
  • It is the theme that surrounds migration.
  • The theme of racial discrimination 
  • The theme of gender discrimination
  • The theme of unresponsible husbands
  • The theme of early marriage
  • The concept of determination
  • Theme of patriarchy
  • Theme of Hope
  • The theme of women’s freedom
  • Theme of failure


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