Modern English Structure is a single semester, the three-credit unit course at the 100 level. It is intended to be a course for students with a major discipline that is English. The course comprises 17 units, which provide an understanding of the structure and structure of English and phonological structures as well as syntactic and morphological structure. There aren’t any mandatory prerequisites to the course.

The content has been created with examples from Nigeria that can be used by Nigerian students.

This course guide explains in a brief manner what the course will be about, the material you will be using and how you will go through this material. It offers general guidelines regarding the time you will spend on each section within the program. It also provides guidelines for your assignments that have been marked by your tutor. You should take part in the tutorial classes and discuss your issues in the presence of your instructor.

Course Aims

The course will provide a comprehensive overview of structure in contemporary English across the different levels of the linguistic description.

Its purpose is to:

Let you have an understanding and a wide view of the patterns that form the structures of the English Language;

Aid you in developing capabilities to identify and describe the various structural patterns on different levels and how they are interrelated in communication; and

Let you develop by gaining knowledge and practicing the level of competence you require.
and the ability to and use and use of English to be able to use English for academic and general and academic purposes.

Course Objectives

There are specific goals that must be accomplished in each section of the class. It is recommended to read these before beginning every section. It is to be expected that once you’ve completed this course, you will be capable of:

Learn the structure levels of contemporary English;
Analyze the structure of contemporary English;
Get a sense of the roots of your ancestry, and the evolution of modern English as well as
Create decent sentences in English.

To finish this course it is recommended that you take the study unit courses Read recommended books, along with other material offered by your lecturer. Each unit includes self-assessment exercises. At certain times throughout the course, you must complete assignments for evaluation purposes. After the course, there’s an examination at the end of the course. The course should take around twenty weeks to finish. All the elements of the course are listed below. You must allot your time for each component to finish the course on time and in time.

Course Materials

The most important aspects of the course are:

1 Study units
2 Textbooks
3 Assignment File
4 Presentation schedule


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